GFGN TV show features Amuse Bouche, Wildflower Bread Company and Camping For Foodies making Spicy Steak Chili with Jalapeno Cornbread

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A recent episode of the Great Food Good Neighbors (GFGN) TV show was filled with French classics, fabulous breads and fast but healthy and delicious culinary creations as well as camp cooking with the backdrop of fantastic panoramic views that can only be found in Arizona! The show airs on AZTV-7 (Cox 13). The show featured:

Amuse Bouche – This husband and wife chef duo met while attending culinary school in Paris.  They left their high-tech careers for their love of food and eventually opened a catering business that became so popular they turned it into a restaurant.  Chefs Kierstin and Snir Mor have been cooking and serving French classics to customers who travel from across the Valley to enjoy delicacies like the Cabernet Burger which is flavored with Cabernet wine, aged white cheddar, bacon jam and served on a brioche bun with garlic aioli; Quiche Lorraine which is a buttery crust filled with bacon, Swiss cheese, and creamy savory custard.  Their customers threatened to riot if they ever took their Meatloaf Sandwich off the menu!  This not-so-ordinary meatloaf sandwich is 100% beef meatloaf with a tomato glaze and served on wheat berry bread with onion aioli and apple wood smoked bacon.  Don’t miss their New Orleans style Beignets as well as their exquisite dinner and Sunday breakfast specialties.  As “Good Neighbors” they support local schools in many ways including cooking classes for kids.

Wildflower Bread Company – This popular fast casual local favorite has over 12 locations throughout Arizona and they are still growing.  “Bread” is in the name for a reason…they rock it on the bread scene!  It takes 3 days for a loaf to become a reality from the time they feed the starters until the bread is baked and ready to serve.  Louis Basile, CEO, is proud of his team that makes it all happen.  He knows it takes a great team to make a superior product in a short period of time so he affectionately refers to current and former Wildflower employees as “breadheads”.  Chef and District Manager, Darren, shared the secrets to Wildflower’s Slow-Roasted Tomato Feta and Egg Sandwich as well as their super-healthy and spectacularly delicious V12 Kale Salad.  As “Good Neighbors” they support groups associated with women, children, animals, poverty and education.

Kim Hanna’s Camping For Foodies – Enjoying the breathtakingly gorgeous Arizona scenery, Kim made her Spicy Steak Chili with Jalapeno Cornbread.  Double-fisted was the theme of the day as she used two Dutch ovens to cook this family favorite meal.  By using steak and layers of ingredients in a dry mix, Kim created a unique chili that pleases the palate of foodie loving campers (even if they are eating and camping in their own backyard!)  As a “Good Neighbor” Kim donates a portion of her proceeds to World Vision-Building a Better World for Children.

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