How can buying cool camp and RV products help people around the world?

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When you see advertisements on our site, purchase products using our affiliate links or buy our products we earn revenue. We donate a portion of every dollar we make to help people who are less fortunate through various non-profit organizations around the world. The main way we do that is by sponsoring children through World Vision. We’ve been doing it since 2004 and have no intention of stopping. Our kids live in various locations around the globe including Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Lesotho, India and South Africa.

With your help, we support World Vision

You have probably heard us say “Your purchase of our products will help support World Vision® Building a better world for children.” So in this holiday season of buying, gift giving and celebrations, we wanted to introduce you to our charity of choice, World Visionand tell you why we support it. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization with global reach. We love that they have complex solutions to complex problems and address the root causes of them rather than just giving aid with no hope for sustainable and real elimination of the issues causing the problems. We also support their demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people as they help the poor and oppressed people around the world, motivated by their faith in Jesus Christ.

World Vision’s areas of impact

Their areas of impact across the globe include:

  • Clean Water
  • Child Protection
  • Disaster Relief
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Health
  • U.S. Work
  • Our Faith
  • Gender

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From their website:

Solving the Puzzle of Poverty™
Poverty is complex, and so are our solutions.
With 46,000 staff members worldwide, we bring sponsors and donors alongside children and communities in nearly 100 countries. The map below shows our work across issues — from health to disaster response — integrating lasting solutions to the root causes of poverty and sharing God’s hope for a brighter future. And we stretched donations with grants and corporate gifts-in-kind to make every dollar donated achieve $1.28 in impact.

Colossal progress

Ending poverty is an enormous task but they are making colossal progress!

Financial accountability

World Vision® is reviewed and held accountable by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability®  and BBB Wise Giving Alliance which are independent third-party organizations.

The donations they receive are well spent. Check out their Annual Reports where you will find their operating expenses are broken down as: 89% programs, 7% fundraising and 4% management & general. See more here

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