If it’s on TV…it MUST BE true! Hiking in Flagstaff Arizona

Looking for fall colors and found snow instead…..

I waited…and waited…and waited.  Several weeks passed before I finally heard the Phoenix weathercaster announce fall arrived in Flagstaff.  So I said, “Come on Honey, it’s time to GO!” Psst we’re compensated…see our disclosures.

So we packed the truck and headed up the hill.  I don’t know where the fiery gold and red colors were hiding…I saw them on TV the weekend before our journey.

Winter Wonderland Hiking in Flagstaff, Arizona
Winter Wonderland Hiking in Flagstaff, Arizona
Last year in the fall a search for brilliant color-changing leaves delivered a bit of a surprise.  Flagstaff’s trees at the base of the mountain were mainly green.

I’ll admit…I was ticked off!  Green!  Where were the vibrant yellow and red colors I saw on TV???  Don’t they know people rely on accurate reporting???  Did they find the one-and-only red tree in Flagstaff to video and make this outlandish story???   I felt like Chevy Chase in Vacation hearing “Sorry, Wally World is closed!”  But it didn’t stop there…green turned to white.  It all happened in a few feet of elevation.

Coobie in Flagstaff, Arizona
Coobie in Flagstaff, Arizona

It always helps to have a friendly guide, especially when your plans are not quite what you expect. Our friend, we named him “Coobie”…not really sure why…not even sure it was a “him” but let’s go with it.  Anyway, Coobie lead and followed us half way up the mountain.

Lunch_In_The_Snow in Flagstaff, Arizona
Lunch In The Snow in Flagstaff, Arizona

We’ve had lunch at some “cool” places before…but this one took the cake!  Note to self: must plan for waterproof lunching in the future.

So, at the campsite it felt like summer.  Our day-hike felt like winter.  Autumn was no where to be found.  But it was a fantastic surprise nonetheless.  I’ll be searching again for the brilliant colored leaves…there is always THIS year!

Kachina Peaks Coconino Forest in Flagstaff, Arizona
Kachina Peaks Coconino Forest in Flagstaff, Arizona

If you want to go…You’ll find the trail at the Kachina Peaks sign in the Coconino National Forest at the base of the Snowbowl Ski Resort. From Phoenix, head north on I17, go north through Flagstaff and follow the signs to Snowbowl.  Enjoy your trip and if you see Coobie, tell him we said “Hi.”

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Don’t forget to plan for a warmer-upper meal like Spicy Chicken and Corn Chili too!

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If you need camping recipes and menu ideas, you can find them here at the Camping For Foodies Camping Recipes list.

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