Staycation or Vacation?

Bird on cactus
Bird on cactus

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Morning moon over cactus
Morning moon over cactus

The bird sitting pretty on top of a spiky saguaro cactus with the morning moon in the background was a real crowd-pleaser for us urbanites.  How in the world could that possibly be comfortable for that little featherweight?

Between the fluffy-clouded sunrises, beautiful Sonoran desert and mountains and golden yet fiery sunsets, our staycation was a real treat.


Isn’t it hard to get excited about “staycationing” when you really just want to GET AWAY?  You know the term…taking a staycation is when you take your vacation right near home.

Well, we tried it.

Uh, I mean…

Sort of.

Campsite north of Lake Pleasant
Campsite north of Lake Pleasant

Most people staycation in a luxury resort but not us.  We decided to camp on the outskirts of Phoenix, just on the north side of Lake Pleasant.  I had no idea I could feel so far from home while being “Oh so close!”

kim cooking outdoors
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But the critters are usually the stars of the show for us.  It’s not like we don’t have them less than ½ gas-tank’s drive away at home.  But, we just seem to appreciate them more when we are out in the wilderness.  We take the time to slow down and really appreciate God’s creations when we’re camping.

Wild donkey
Wild donkey

The “comedians” rolled in to steal from some of our distant neighbors.  A group of roaming wild horses and donkeys arrived just after another group of city-dwellers mounted their own horses for a gallop around the patch.  They left buckets of free hay for the wild looters.

Wild theives
Wild theives

The grazing beasts just looked at us when we got up close and personal…almost saying, “This is our turf, get lost!”  So we did, at the local indian ruins!

So, I really can’t pick a favorite from this trip but I do know we will definitely be staycationing again soon.

If you want to go, head north on I17 and a bit past Anthem is where you will be exiting on to Table Mesa Road westbound.  Follow the frontage road northbound, it turns to dirt and runs north and then west.  You can camp along that road but be aware that target shooting is allowed in some areas so pick your spot out of the line of fire.  There is nothing worse than having a bullet hit your morning coffee pot before you’ve have enough caffeine.

What do you think?

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Our Products Make Unique Gifts Great For People Who Love The Outdoors Camping RV-ing Hiking and Fun – Camping For Foodies and Pull Out All The Stops

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