Video: Camping For Foodies takes a hike along the Horton Creek Trail in Arizona

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Arizona has great places to camp

Hi, welcome to Camping For Foodies. One of our favorite places to camp is along the Mogollon Rim. Today we are going to take a hike along the Horton Creek Trail. Come on, let’s go. Psst we’re compensated…see our disclosures.

The Horton Creek Trail hike is convenient when camping in the Upper Tonto Campground

This trail is a short distance from the Upper Tonto Campground. It’s super-easy find. You can park in the parking lot…And follow the signs to the trailhead. The trail is well-marked along the way…it’s pretty hard to get lost. It’s about an 8 mile round-trip hike.

The sound of running water along this Arizona hiking trail

At points, you may lose sight of the stream. But…if you’re quite enough…you’ll still be able to hear it. This trail intersects with the Highland Trail too. Just follow the signs and you’ll stay on track.

Tent camping is available along the Horton Creek Trail

You’ll find some great tent camping spots along this trail—and the fire rings are already there for you. Just make sure there are no fire restrictions before you strike a match.

The scenery is rich with various trees

It’s cool to feel really small among these huge ponderosa pines. You’ll see some alligator junipers as well as many other types of trees along the way.

Fly fishing is popular in the Horton Creek

Keep your eyes peeled, you might see someone fly fishing on this one! You’ll see lots of mosses, grasses and ferns.

Watch the spring water blast out of the rocks

A spring is the source of water that feeds the stream. You’ll see it coming right out of the rocks. This is your turnaround spot. It’s also a great lunch spot! Take your time, relax and enjoy your surroundings. This was a great hike. Visit us at for more information and subscribe to Camping For Foodies email updates.

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Hope to see you on the trail soon…camping, hiking, cooking, eating and making the most out of your life.

How to find the Horton Creek Trail

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