Bugs are Beautiful! Especially on camp trips!

Who says bugs are beautiful?  Most of the time we are trying to figure out how to get rid of the creatures.  BUT, when you have the time to slow down and really look at some of these guys…you realize that some of them really are stunningly beautiful!  That’s one of the things I love about camping…I actually take the time to experience things that I would otherwise never experience.  There were so many gorgeous bugs around the Patagonia Lake State Park that I had my camera working overtime to catch a few of them for your viewing enjoyment.  Check out this little video featuring some of my favorites.  And, next time you’re out on a camp trip…remember to investigate the insects! 

Patagonia Bug Hunting by Camping For Foodies
Patagonia Bug Hunting by Camping For Foodies

See the YouTube Video here.

If you want to go to Patagonia Lake State Park, and stay in a really cool campsite, here’s how you get there.


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