Go Hike a Trail on National Trails Day!

Celebrate National Trails Day with Camping For Foodies
Celebrate National Trails Day with Camping For Foodies

The largest celebration of trails in the United States is the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day which occurs this year on Saturday June 7, 2014.  There are events all over the country so no matter what type of outdoor adventure is your thing, you can find something for you.  Events include normal hiking and biking but you’ll also find out-of-the-ordinary stuff like horseback riding, paddling, birdwatching, geocaching, gear demonstrations, stewardship projects just to name a few. Psst we’re compensated…see our disclosures.

Hiking On National Trails Day

I don’t know about you but when we go camping, our weekend has to include at least one hike or it feels like something is missing.  Once in a while we forge our own path but usually we explore a trail.  This year National Trails Day includes Arizona Trail Happy Jack Passage #29a which we have never hiked before but is in an area we love camping in.  Unfortunately we are not camping this weekend so we’ll have to explore this trail on another day.

A great hiking trial in the Flagstaff Arizona area of the Coconino National Forest

If you’re in the Flagstaff area there are great trails in the Coconino National Forest, here is one of our favorites.

Great camping recipes for the weekend

If you are making an entire weekend out of celebrating our National Trail System, I’ve got some great camping recipes that work great at the campsite, your local park or right in your own backyard.

The beginning of National Trails Day

It’s awesome that National Trails Day is all about organizations and individuals hosting events across the country to celebrate the Trail System in the U.S.  The whole thing began in the late 80’s when interested people wanted to transform local paths into a network of interconnected trails.

With 200,000 miles of trails in America, you’re bound to find one that you can call your favorite.  And, an added bonus is getting exercise without feeling like you are exercising (always a top priority for me!)  Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat for sun protection, wear good hiking boots and bring plenty of water so you don’t dehydrate.  If you have a chance to make a day of it, pack a lunch and find a spot with a view.  In my humble opinion, food always tastes better outside, we like to call it al fresco dining with a view on steroids.  Most of all…Have Fun hiking a trail on National Trails Day!

Check out this map to find an event near you celebrating National Trails Day.

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I love sharing my recipes and tips for enjoying the great outdoors while camping, RV adventuring and relaxing in your own backyard. I’d love to hear what you think and if you’d like to share some of your secrets, I’d love to hear them too! Please leave a comment below and let’s chat.

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