Tips For When Daddy Wants To Go Camping But Mamma Doesn’t

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You’ve probably heard it: “When Mamma Ain’t Happy, Nobody’s Happy!” So what if dad wants to go camping on Father’s Day but mom’s just not all that interested? Camping For Foodies is here to help! Psst we’re compensated…see our disclosures.

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Top reasons women don’t like to camp and suggestions to overcome them

1. No electricity and no hair dryers while camping

It’s not necessarily true that electricity and hair dryers don’t exist on camp trips. There are tons of campgrounds and RV parks with all of the facilities you could ever need. In fact, if you go somewhere with full hookups, you’ve got unlimited running water and 50 amps of power…you could run an entire beauty salon at one of these places if your heart desired (and if the authorities allowed it.)
What about options in dispersed camp settings?
On the other hand, I say…release yourself from the hair thing for a few days! It is amazingly freeing to not have to worry about doing your do while out in the wilderness on a camping trip! Camping tip: There are a zillion cute hats (well, maybe not quite a zillion) that are the perfect solution for the un-done hair scenario. Just think, if you get a wide brimmed cute floppy hat, you’ll get sun protection all at the same time! Scarfs are another solution to glam-up camp hair. Here’s how to tie a scarf in your hair.

An added benefit to not doing your hair on a camp trip is that YOUR HAIR WILL LOVE YOU! Don’t you agree that every-once-in-a-while your hair needs a break from hot blowing air and gooey sticky products? Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my hairdryer, wax and sculpting gels when I’m home and in civilization…it’s just a nice break to let my hair really breathe when I’m out in nature.

2. No makeup while camping

Why not? Nobody says makeup is not allowed at the campsite. But just like giving your hair a break on camp weekends, why not give your skin a break too? Camping tip: I say, put on the best pair of biggest sunglasses you own and allow yourself to enjoy your naked face! A nice cleansing and a little moisturizer with sunscreen is all you need. Don’t forget that it gets dry in the outdoors so keep your lips protected too. I like to use a lip balm with sunscreen so at the end of the weekend my lips don’t look like the floor of the Atacama Desert which is believed to be one of the driest places on earth!

3. Don’t want to cook while camping

So don’t cook…let daddy do the grillin’  Even though it’s Father’s Day weekend, we know guys are slow to give up control of the grill at any time. It’s common knowledge that guys believe grills were invented for them. So with a combination like that, the girls are released from kitchen duty. But that doesn’t mean that hotdogs and beans are on the menu! Camping tip: Here are some great camping recipes to help dad and whoever wants to “foodie it up” at the campsite! A guy-favorite camp recipe in our family is this Blue Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Burger (with optional habaneros on top for the “real man”) but there are over 50 camping recipes on our list  so browse, cook and eat your way through the list until you find your family’s favorite.

4. Sleeping on the ground while camping

Sure you could sleep on the ground when you’re camping but you definitely don’t have to. If you are relaxing in an RV or motorhome, you have all of the luxuries of your bed at home. Camping tip: If you are tent camping, you can use air mattresses or cots.  Here are a couple of options I like:
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump [2014 MODEL] and Coleman Packaway Twin Cot

In fact, if you close your eyes and listen to the birds chirp and the breeze rustling through the trees, you might even think you are on a spa table at a 5-star resort!

Wishing you the best if your are camping on this Father’s Day weekend or whatever upcoming weekend for your next outdoor adventure. See you on the trail camping, hiking and cooking in the great outdoors!

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