Searching for the Perfect Crushed Grape in Sonoita Arizona Wineries with Camping For Foodies

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Wine tasting is waaaay different than wine drinking.  Traveling to different wineries and experiencing the wine through the people who operate the wineries is a way to almost bring the grapes to life.  Each winery has its own unique personality… quirky, fun, weird, exotic, down-to-earth, artistic, local—All interesting…None pretentious!  No wine snobs allowed here.  That doesn’t mean that wine geeks shouldn’t go…it just means that everyone is welcome and the vibe is “welcome and laid back.”  They can be described in one word: Authentic. 

What’s awesome about wine tasting is that there is no “right” answer!  In a huge group of people, everyone can find something that fits their individual palate.  I’m no wine aficionado but I know what I like and what I don’t like when I taste it. That’s the fun of the tasting experience.  It isn’t about how much you drink but about how many different varieties you can taste. The ones that dance with your palate and put a smile on your face are the ones you should think about taking home with you.

We toured a bunch wineries and they were all great but two really stood out for different reasons.  They are Dos Cabezas WineWorks and Arizona Hops and Vines…you’ll see why when you check out the video.

Pick up a map. There may be a bit of distance between places. Enjoy the beautiful countryside, rolling hills, gorgeous mountains, ranches, farms…all uniquely Arizona.  And, don’t forget that AZ Wines and Vines magazine covers the state.

For those who may be a little skeptical of the quality of Arizona wines…this might just change your mind.  Arizona wines have been served numerous times at the White House as well as James Beard House dinners!

Arizona is becoming known for its emerging wine industry.  According to the Arizona Wine Growers Association, Arizona has been producing wine since the 1700’s.  Back then the Spanish Missionaries were the people making it happen but the modern-day movement started in Sonoita in 1973 and today you’ll find more than 80 licensed and bonded wineries throughout the state!  Regardless of who is responsible to keep the grapes growing in Arizona, I’m happy they are still doin’ it!  Let’s all toast to the family of Arizona wine makers with a big smile, a hearty glass of your favorite vino and a loud “Cheers to the makers!” for all of their hard work and dedication in the art of winemaking.

PS. This is a great day excursion when staying at Patagonia Lake State Park!

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Searching for the Perfect Crushed Grape in Sonoita Arizona Wineries with Camping For Foodies
Searching for the Perfect Crushed Grape in Sonoita Arizona Wineries with Camping For Foodies

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