50+ Camping Trailer Names: Funny & Unique Name Ideas

Unique camping trailer names are great conversation starters. The story behind creating names with clever puns is a fun way to get to know your RVing neighbors and give you a few good laughs along the journey.

Camping Trailer Names by CampingForFoodies features a fifth wheel camper trailer that has a huge sign covering the front side. The sign is a blue and white name badge with the words hello my name is Lucille. The awning is extended on the side of the camper that is set in a forest on a bright sunny day.

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Why Do People Name RVs?

Recreational vehicles are inanimate objects, but, because they are used on exciting road trips while having fun experiences, they can become part of the family.

Cute camper names are a great way to celebrate all of the memories you create while using your camper trailer.

The flip side is also true, when the vehicle has lots of problems, the RV’s name can be derogatory, like “Money Pit”.

In addition to creating a great name, lots of RV owners have a custom vinyl decal made they apply to their camper.

Names Of Our Trailers

My husband and I have had many trailers and we’ve given each one a unique name.

The Baby Doll: Baby doll is the nickname we call each other, so, why not call our first camper by the same name. Ha ha.

The Bantam: We had zero creativity when we called our hybrid camper trailer by the RV manufacturers name! What were we thinking?

The Mansion: When we moved from one hybrid to an even bigger one, we felt like we moved into a mansion, hence the name.

Weezie: We were done with hybrid tent campers after we woke up in the middle of the night with wet beds, the thunderstorm was a big one and the rain penetrated the canvas walls. We purchased a travel trailer with a slide out and my sister said we were “movin’ on up” just like the Jeffersons did in the tv sitcom. That’s how Weezie got her name.

Lucille: After my husband retired we needed more space to pack more gear for longer trips. Traveling greater distances and living in a camper most of the summer caused us to move out of lightweight travel trailers. We considered new RV types: fifth wheels, a, b and class c motorhomes, we ended up purchasing a 5th wheel. It was a big step into a much larger rig. Our challenges reminded us of “The Long, Long Trailer” movie with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz so our new-to-us trailer was named Lucille.

Popular Names

If you don’t have a good name for your rig, you may want to create one before your next adventure. An easy way to come up with ideas is to check out some popular options to get your creative juices flowing so you can create a unique name that is the perfect fit for your personality.

Funny RV Names

Personally, I love funny names for rvs, some of my favorites are:

  1. Cramalot (this name is a play on the fictional castle Camelot. It was given to a Class C that was used on long road trips.)
  2. Rain Maker (when your favorite place to camp is in a rainy climate and it is always raining during your trips)
  3. BIG BERTHA (this one is really popular for huge class A motorhomes, extra large 5th wheel trailers and big toy haulers)
  4. Weeeego (for we go here and there in small RVs)
  5. Hurricane Hater
  6. Home-Free (cute name for full time travelers without a sticks & bricks home)
  7. COW (for condo on wheels)
  8. Kids’ College Fund
  9. The Leisure Beast
  10. Drive O’clock Somewhere
  11. Retirement Vehicle
  12. Fifth Wheel’s A Charm
  13. Empty Nester
  14. Snow Storm Avoider (great for snow birds who flee from cold weather climates in the winter)
  15. Early Retirement
  16. Hanna’s Mobile Mansion (Your last name + mobile mansion, cute for a small camper)
  17. The Taj Mahal (great for big rigs with a lot of storage space)
  18. Rolling FUNder
  19. The Rolling Stones’ Castle (the family’s last name is stone)
  20. Wayfarer’s Dream
  21. Reality Runaway
  22. Cat Mobile (for my fellow RVers who travel with their furry felines)
  23. RV There Yet (this is the best RV name for people who travel with young kids who continually ask the question while traveling on the highway)
  24. Tootles!! (a lighthearted name for people who don’t stay in one place for too long)
  25. The Long Haul Caravan (for campers who are on a constant road to new places)
  26. Little Boys With Big Toys (used often with the perfect recreational vehicles, toy haulers, and guys who bring motorized vehicles on their camp trips, like ATVs, motorcycles etc.)
  27. Pink Floyd (for rigs decorated in bright pink colors, common with teardrop trailers owned by single ladies)
  28. The Beige Blur (for rigs decorated in neutral colors)

Iconic Name Ideas

Some names are similar to the names of boats.

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  1. Endless Summer (a sweet name for RVers who are always traveling to find the perfect temperature across North America)
  2. Memory Maker
  3. Discovery Wagon
  4. Land Yacht
  5. Tin Room Beach House (one of the playful names for people who camp on a lot of beaches)
  6. Sara (for serendipity)
  7. Rolling Sunset Chaser
  8. Rolling Resort
  9. Shenanigans
  10. Cousin Eddie (named after the character in the Christmas Vacation movie who drove the broken down 1972 Ford Condor II, check out the trivia related to cousin Eddie’s RV.
  11. Happy Glamper
  12. Happy Camper
  13. Chillville (the perfect RV name for campers who just like to relax)
  14. Sun Chaser
  15. Magic Bus
  16. Gigi (for “GG”, getaway girl)
  17. National Parks Seeker
  18. Beauty (and the tow vehicle named The Beast)
  19. Outdoor Therapy
  20. Wanderlust Gypsy
  21. The Great Escape
  22. Leap of Faith (for people who have a sense of humor about selling their home to live full time in an RV and travel the open road)

Names For Different Brands

There are lots of RV brands that have a classic name adopted by new owners.

  1. Winnie (for Winnebago brand vehicles)
  2. Bago (for Winnebago brand vehicles)
  3. Flying Dutchman (for Dutchmen travel trailers and fifth wheels)
  4. Foxy (for Artic Fox brand RVs)
  5. Silver Bullet (for Airstream brands)
  6. PodZilla (for Forest River r-pod campers)

Disparaging Names

The best RVs can have problems. When heavy maintenance and costly repairs are part of your experience, you may want to get sarcastic with the name of your RV. Here are some examples. One of my camping tips is to always make it fun!

  1. Patches (when you have to keep patchin’ it back together)
  2. The Money Pit
  3. Diesel Guzzler
  4. The Lemon Peel
  5. Thelma and Louise
  6. The Enlisted Mess (the perfect camper name when you actually love your trailer but just can’t seem to keep it clean and organized)

Inappropriate Camper Names

Some common names that can be considered inappropriate humor are popular with some RV owners.

  1. Shaggin Wagon
  2. Love Bug
  3. Love Shack
  4. Love Machine

Choosing The Perfect Name For Your Rig

Whether you need RV camping tips for beginners because you have a new rig, or, you have owned one for a long time and just never named it, now is the time. The inspiration for choosing your camper’s name can come from many sources. You can find good ideas for RV name suggestions in most social media groups. The RV world is a sharing community so ask around for help.

RV Name Generator

If you’re having trouble coming up with creative names, try our name generator. Put together a specific name by using the two words that correspond with your name in the list below. You’ll use the first letter of your first and family’s last name.

For example, my name is Kim Hanna, K = Passion and H = Chaser so my rig’s name would be “Passion Chaser”.

First Letter Of Your First NameFirst Letter Of Your Last Name
A = SunsetA = Warrior
B = AdventureB = Voyager
C = TravelC = Roamer
D = JourneyD = Rambler
E = ThrillE = Camper
F = MountainF = Explorer
G = FunG = Hunter
H = LeisureH = Chaser
I = RiverI = Seeker
J = ExcitementJ = Tracker
K = PassionK = Soldier
L = LakeL = Surveyor
M = EscapeM = Follower
N = PleasureN = Trekker
O = SatisfactionO = Cruiser
P = SunriseP = Stroller
Q = HappyQ = Wanderer
R = BeachR = Searcher
S = JoyfulS = Vacationer
T = CalmT = Trailblazer
U = ForestU = Pursuer
V = RelaxationV = Rover
W = BustlingW = Traveler
X = BlissfulX = Drifter
Y = NatureY = Tripper
Z = EnjoymentZ = Inspector
RV Name Generator by CampingForFoodies

Gifts For Cool Names

The awesome thing about a new camper being named is giving personalized gifts like mugs, keychains, towels etc. Have a little fun and check out these awesome personalized camping gifts.

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