Camping Crafts To Make On Your Thanksgiving Holiday Trip

There are so many ways to bring the holiday spirit to your Thanksgiving camping trips! Creative kids and adults will love these fun and inspirational Thanksgiving camping crafts.

Thanksgiving Camping Crafts by CampingForFoodies features a collage of Thanksgiving-themed crafts to make while camping including turkeys made out of pinecones, sticks, yarn, and paper bags, painted rocks with turkeys, pumpkins, retro camper, inspiring words, popsicle stick scarecrow, painted acorns, floating Mayflower activity and family tree made from fallen leaves with text over the image that reads Thanksgiving camping crafts.

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Crafts To Make While Camping During Thanksgiving

It is wonderful to celebrate the holiday through craft projects that have a Thanksgiving theme and those that have gratifying, heart-felt aspects to them. Here are a few ideas.

Fun DIY Fire Starters

How To Make Homemade Fire Starters Easy DIY Camping Project Using Dryer Lint And Cute Trivia Question Wrappers by CampingForFoodies

These adorable homemade fire starters are the perfect campfire craft for preschoolers and adults. Young kids can stuff the lint into the empty toilet paper rolls and wrap them in paper to get ready for the night’s campfire.

This is a fun project the whole family can participate in throughout the year because you need to gather enough empty toilet paper tubes and dryer lint to make these fire starters. The fun trivia questions about Smokey Bear provide a fun game and learning opportunity too.

How To Make Homemade Fire Starters That Are Cute Enough To Give As DIY Camping Gifts by CampingForFoodies

This is the perfect craft to give as inexpensive gifts too. Just stuff the wrapped cardboard tube starters into a cute gift bag, add a bow and this easy craft becomes an adorably functional gift.

Rock Painting Camping Craft

Rock Painting Camping Activity by CampingForFoodies features a brightly colored painted rock craft project that looks like a little cream and pink retro camper decorated with blue, orange, purple and yellow flags and orange and purple flowers in a window box under the trailer’s window the orange door welcomes visitors and round river rocks are piled in the background with text over the image that reads rock painting camping activity.

See how to do this rock painting camping activity to make inspirational and camping theme painted rocks. This is a fun way to turn an ordinary nature walk into a fun craft too. Just pick up different sizes of smooth rocks along the trail and bring them back to camp. Wash them off with a little water and give them a little bit of time to dry before painting.

Arts And Crafts Rock Painting KitArts And Crafts Rock Painting KitArts And Crafts Rock Painting Kit


Alternatively, you can get entire kits with everything you need to paint rocks … including the rocks, waterproof paint colors, paint brushes and rock transfer designs.

Story Stones

Another thing you can do with rocks is make story stones. Go on a nature scavenger hunt to collect small rocks. Attach a piece of art to the stone by drawing, painting or placing a sticker on the stone that represents a place, object, character or event. The images are then used as prompts to create a story. There are lots of great ideas for images that represent camping activities like a:

  • tent,
  • boot,
  • flower,
  • picnic table,
  • set of binoculars,
  • fishing pole,
  • campfire,
  • marshmallow,
  • charcoal grill,
  • sleeping bags etc.

DIY Campsite Sign

Camping Signs Perfectly Designed Fun Temporary DIY Camping Sign by CampingForFoodies

Nothing says welcome to our campsite like a creative sign. After a day in the wilderness on a camping adventure, kids of all ages will enjoy arriving back to camp when greeted with a sign like this on colored on a paper plate. The nice thing about this project is you don’t need a lot of craft supplies because they can be decorated with just crayons or makers. If you want to get even fancier you can use a acrylic paint, construction paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, glitter, stickers, sprinkles and beads. Let the little campers get as creative as they’d like with their camping signs designs.

These tic tac toe painted rocks make a great craft project AND a game! The rock designs of turkeys and pumpkins bring a Thanksgiving feel to this easy rock painting craft. Use a tree stump to create the playing surface and each happy camper can take turns playing one of the most popular board games of all time!

This friendly scarecrow is made using popsicle sticks, paint, glue and faux or real leaves you find around your campsite.

This is one of my favorite camping craft ideas for adults. The thank-filled and reflective aspect of your Thanksgiving holiday is an awesome time to make your own family tree using real twigs and leaves found on hikes and around campsites. This beautiful project is a great way to experience mother nature to collect fallen leaves and make memories on a holiday family camping trip.

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This is one of those camping crafts toddlers love to wear! These turkey headbands are certainly “wearable Thanksgiving art” younger children enjoy making and wearing.

You’ve gotta love fun camping crafts for kids that can be used to decorate for the holidays! Sticks, yarn and a couple of googly eyes are all you need to create your own cute little turkey … it is a simple project that sharpens fine motor skills.

Want crafts to do while camping for adults that kids enjoy too? Try painting acorns with bright colors … it is therapeutic and just makes you happy! If you don’t think you’ll find them on a scavenger hunt in the woods, you can always just pick up faux acorns at craft stores or Dollar stores.

Camping in the woods usually means you’ll have an abundance of pine cones to use in your crafts while camping. Make this Thanksgiving pinecone turkey on your holiday trip.

Many camping crafts for toddlers and preschoolers start with paper bags. This one is super cute with bright colors to create an adorable paper bag turkey.

If you are camping near water, this Floating Mayflower project is a great way to add an educational historical and STEM component to your Thanksgiving camping trip. I love fun ideas that are educational too, don’t you?

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