How To Make Camping Glamping: VIDEO Cheap Creative Ideas

It’s easier than you think to add a little extra style to your outdoor adventures. These affordable ideas are how to make camping glamping without breaking the bank.

How To Make Camping Glamping by CampingForFoodies features a camping shade awning that is decorated with window sheers to cover the metal structure, pretty paper lanterns are hung to illuminate the area with a soft glow. Candles are nestled into mason jars filled with colored beads. The tablecloth is color-coordinated with the dishes. In the background is a sunny forest with mountains in the distance.

From Camping To Glamping

The main difference between traditional camping and glamorous camping is enjoying the creature comforts of home in natural settings with modern amenities rather than just roughing it while spending time in nature.

In recent years, the glamping business is huge and so is the price tag to experience a professional glamping getaway. Don’t get me wrong, guests enjoy fancy cabins, canvas bell tents and yurts that are adorned with high-end decor and it is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs are delectable and part of a high-end glamping experience. Amenities like hot showers, a flushing toilet and beautifully decorated bathroom facilities are luxuries anyone can appreciate.
  • These upscale camping resorts allow guests to participate in an outdoor experience with indoor plumbing, private bathrooms and comfortable beds. It is a way to experience nature and outdoor activities without getting really dirty.
  • Some resorts have additional amenities like hot tubs on a deck that surrounds your massive canvas tent. You can roll out of a real bed in the morning, sip on a cup of coffee while sitting in a whirlpool looking at the surrounding mountains and pine trees.
  • But, the standard camper may not be able to afford a luxury camping experience. Heck, you may wonder why even go out to the wilderness in the first place!?

DIY Glamping

Based on your personal preference, make your experience as fancy as you’d like. Why not create your own glamping trip on a budget? These glamping essentials will turn a normal trip in the great outdoors into a glampers dream.


Make it comfortable and pretty.

  • Try using a cozy bedding like a pretty comforter or blankets instead of a regular sleeping bag (or in addition to you bag if you need extra warmth.)
  • Use gear to elevate your bed above the ground using an air mattress and cot. If you don’t have those, place sleeping pads on the tent floor then make bed on top of them; this provides cushion and protection from cold, moist ground.
  • Place a cute rug inside your tent or RV.

Personal Grooming

Pamper yourself and stay clean.

  • Take hot showers, even when tent camping! Just heat up the water with a solar shower water heater and you’ll enjoy being clean. Be careful, the water can get really hot with these things, you don’t want to scald yourself when you turn on the water.
  • Use moisturizing body wipes to freshen-up between showers.


Plan out-of-the ordinary experiences.

  • With just a little extra packing you can enjoy DIY spa treatments like a DIY manicure, pedicure and facial.
  • If you have a portable projector, enjoy modern entertainment and watch a fun “pretty” movie.


Create a beautiful ambiance.

  • Choose a camp site with awesome views. Set up your glamping tent or RV in a secluded area in the campground.
  • State Parks and National Parks are a great place to go because beauty surrounds you and their are so many planned events that provide opportunities to experience nature with local guides.
  • Add little touches to your glamping setup. Choose pretty camping string lights to softly illuminate your area.
  • If you like the ambiance a campfire provides but don’t want to deal with dirty wood, ashes and your hair and clothes smelling like smoke, try using what we think is the the best camping propane fire pit. It’s also great if you’re camping in dry areas that prohibit having an open fire.
  • Dress up the picnic table with color-coordinated napkins, tablecloth and serving utensils, see how I did this in my VIDEO.
  • Remember, you go camping to have fun! So, keep your stylish upgrades simple and easy.  If you go overboard, you might begin to think of glam camping as a chore, and you don’t want that! Check out my cute glamping accessories and gift ideas for fast, easy and fun ways to put a little glamping style into your next trip!


Make your own food that is “fancy” and easy to prepare.

  • If you are making your own meals, ditch the hot dogs and freeze-dried meals. Go for something a bit more towards the gourmet food side of the spectrum but still simple enough to make in a remote location.
  • Some people have a love of cooking. Their glamping recipes turn their outdoor adventure into a camp food event. Culinary adventures are a fun experience when you take the time to enjoy the camp cooking process.
  • On the other hand, others just want to eat something yummy without having to do too much at their camping sites. We’ve got all sorts of camping menu ideas to enjoy delicious food on your next glamping trip. Plan your meals based on your personal interests. Here are some ideas:

Make Ahead Meals

You can make delicious meals by doing the work in advance so you just “dump & cook”, or, “dump & reheat” at camp. If that’s you, we’ve got make ahead camping meals you’ll absolutely love. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Pesto Tortellini Bake Freezer Meal (The best part about freezer meals is being able to dump and cook after a long day of hiking. You prep everything at home, place in freezer bag and keep frozen until your trip. At camp, place the plastic bag in your refrigerator or cooler to defrost. Then, just dump and bake for your meal.)
  • Dutch Oven Thai Campfire Chicken
  • Asian Beef And Broccoli

Campfire Meals

If you really enjoy campfire cooking, try these easy campfire recipes. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Dutch Oven Campfire French Toast
  • Savory Dutch Baby
  • California-Style Camping Breakfast Burritos
  • Campfire Nachos
  • Campfire Corn On The Cob
  • Dutch Oven Chicken And Potatoes
  • Campfire Hot Chocolate
  • Campfire Smores Recipes: 10 Mouth-Watering Smore Variations (we’ve turned the campfire classics into amazingly tasty sweet treats by swapping out the chocolate bars and graham crackers with other ingredients to create uniquely delicious flavors over an open flame!)

Grilling Recipes

Portable grills are a great way to add charred flavors to food. It’s also a cooking method that avoids dirtying pots and pans. Try these totally yummy camping grill recipes. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Chicken Shish Kabobs
  • Grilled Flat Iron Camping Steak
  • Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos With Slaw & Jalapeno Lime Sauce
  • Grilled Potato Wedges
  • Grilled Flatbread With Prosciutto, Charred Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella And Basil

Camping Stove Meals

Cooking on a propane camping stove is so easy because you don’t have to deal with campfire hot coals or charcoal briquettes. Try these amazingly delicious camp stove recipes. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Camping Breakfast Sandwiches (This classic camping breakfast is an easy way to prepare a full meal. It’s the perfect recipe for the most important meal of the day.)
  • Breakfast Burrito Bowls
  • 4-Ingredient Banana Pancakes (This is one of my favorite easy camping meals for a sweet morning meal. You can top it with maple syrup, chocolate chips, fresh fruit or nuts.)
  • Cast Iron Skillet Breakfast Nachos
  • One Pot Spaghetti (The best thing about making one-pot meals is the minimal clean-up required once you’re done cooking. Check out all of our one pot camping meals that include hearty breakfasts, delicious glamping dinner ideas and decadent desserts.)
  • One Pot Cast-Iron Skillet Fish
  • Camp Oven Chicken Curry

Foil Packet Meals

Foil packets are nice because you can cook and eat out of the foil packet. You may have a few utensils to wash but that’s about it when you make these campfire meals in foil. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Cajun Chicken Aluminum Foil Packets
  • Shrimp And Asparagus Foil Packs
  • Hobo Stew
  • Mexican Spicy Nuts

Snacks & Appetizers

You may think easy snacks are limited to granola bars, trail mix, ramen noodles and fresh fruit. Those are great but there are so many more delicious recipes. These are the best camping snacks that are the beginning of incredible meals. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Sweet Onion Salsa With Tortilla Chips
  • Fresh Guacamole
  • Fruit Tossed In Honey Mint Syrup
  • Fruit And Nut Peanut Butter Stuffed Tortilla

Gluten-Free Meals

If you have dietary restrictions, plan your menu to accommodate them. We’ve got tasty gluten free camping food ideas. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Dutch Oven Tomato And Avocado Frittata (This is a delicious breakfast and one of my favorite ways to make a morning egg-based main dish. I love that your fellow campers can all sit down and eat together rather than making individual eggs to order.)
  • Rosemary Spiced Nuts
  • Stuffed Baby Bells Appetizer
  • Raw Veggie Wraps
  • Dutch Oven Lemon Chicken
  • Grilled Halibut Fillet
  • Dutch Oven Latin Campfire Chicken

Keto Meals

Are you on a low-carb diet? Stay on track with these mouthwatering keto camping food ideas. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Dutch Oven Baked Eggs In Avocado Cups
  • Dutch Oven Bacon Scramble
  • Grilled Pork Loin Roast
  • Campfire White Chili
  • Chicken In Dijon Mustard Sauce
  • Dutch Oven Campfire Pork Chops

Outdoor Area From Camping To Glamping VIDEO

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Use all or just a few of the ideas I showed you in the VIDEO to decorate your personal glamping site:

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  1. Use a canopy for sun and rain protection
  2. Create a “floor” with camping patio floor mats
  3. Soften your canopy structure with window sheers and use shower curtain rings to attach them
  4. Add creative mood lighting with lanterns and candles
  5. Use an outdoor tablecloth that accents your color theme
  6. Add accent pillows to comfy folding camp chairs for style and relaxation
  7. Use fabric napkins and real flatware
  8. Create a drink station and don’t forget the cocktail shaker
  9. Make great food…if you need ideas, get ideas for awesome camping food here or if you have no time to look for recipes, create a menu and write a grocery list? No Problem! Get our 3-Day Dutch Oven Camp Menu Plan here!
  10. HAVE FUN!

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