Halloween Camping Is A Spooktacular Holiday Experience With These Simple Tips!

We have camping tips that help you enjoy adventures throughout the year but seasonal holiday trips need special attention! Here are simple ideas to enjoy Halloween camping no matter where you spend this spooktacular holiday!

Halloween Camping by CampingForFoodies features a dark autumn forest with moss growing on the trees and fallen leaves covering the ground along a meandering gravel road with text over the image that reads Halloween camping.

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Tips For Camping On Halloween

If you enjoy camping during Halloween weekends, there are simple ways to put some Halloween into your camping and put some camping into your Halloween! Here’s what I mean…

Tip 1. Decorate Your Camper & Campsite

Halloween Camping Ideas And Decorations

BOO! Campsite Decorating Kid-Friendly Ideas Halloween Camping By CampingForFoodies with tons of creative Halloween camping theme decorations that make an awesome party at home or at the campsite with your tent or RV!

One of the easiest ways to turn a regular camping trip into a Halloween camping experience is by adding a few fun and spooky decorations to your campsite, camper and tent! I have an entire post showing you how to do that.

Tip 2. Plan A Holiday-Themed Menu

Halloween Camping Food Ideas

Halloween Camping Food Ideas by CampingForFoodies features a collage of cute and hearty Halloween-themed recipes that can be served at the campsite including a guacamole and chips which, candy cookie bats, cauldron Italian sausage soup, cheese pretzel broomsticks, Frankenstein inspired grape fruit cups, spooky party mix, deviled egg bloodshot eyeballs, cauldron campfire stew and cucumber spider bites with text over the image that reads camping Halloween food.

Don’t forget to play with your food! In addition to enjoying warm camping meals for cold weather trips, decorate some of it too. Here are some really fun Halloween-themed food ideas for your holiday camp trip.

If you are having a large party and need to feed lots of hungry campers, check out these awesome easy camping meals for large groups!

Tip 3. Dress In Simple Costumes

Temporary Tattoos

One of the easiest ways to “dress up” for the holiday without wearing a full-fledged costume is by applying temporary tattoos or face paint.

Halloween Temporary TattoosHalloween Temporary TattoosHalloween Temporary Tattoos


Simple Costumes

If you want to get a little more extravagant, wear a simple costume. Dressing up for the holiday is fun for kids and adults and if you have a large enough group, you can even have costume contests and costume parades.

You can create simple camping-themed costumes that represent cool things you love about camping. A few camping costume ideas include:

  • Wildlife
  • Park rangers
  • S’mores
  • Tents

If you don’t want to make your own costume, you can just buy one. The easiest “costume” to pack for a camping trip is a themed printed t-shirt.

Forest Park Ranger Costume Printed T-ShirtForest Park Ranger Costume Printed T-ShirtForest Park Ranger Costume Printed T-Shirt


Tip 4. Illuminate For The Celebration

Halloween Camper Lights

Halloween Camper Lights by CampingForFoodies features orange and black lantern lights with the word BOO printed on them as they are hanging against a dark sky with text over the image that reads camping Halloween lights.

So much of this holiday is centered around things that glow after dark! Don’t forget to add a few cute lights or modify the lights you already use on your camp trips!

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Tip 5. Plan Fun Seasonal Activities

Halloween Camping Activities

Camping Halloween Activities by CampingForFoodies features pumpkins on a table in front of a young girl outside on an autumn sunny day, the girl is getting ready to draw a face on a pumpkin to begin carving it to create a Halloween decoration with text over the image that reads camping Halloween activities.

There are so many fun games and activities you can enjoy around the campfire as well as throughout the day. Pumpkin carving contests are fun, creative and competitive … and you get cute decorations to display throughout your trip.

Tip 6. Stay At Campgrounds With Halloween Activities

Don’t try to create the entire experience yourself, look for campgrounds in your area that offer Halloween activities as part of your stay. You can expect to find activities like:

  • Haunted hayrides
  • Camping site decorating contests
  • Spooky scavenger hunts
  • Zombie apocalypse parties
  • Magic pumpkin patch events
  • Haunted trail hikes
  • Themed horseback riding guided tours
  • Campfire scary stories
  • Monster mash dances
  • Decorated haunted walks
  • Scary movie showings with titles like Blair Witch Project and more kid-friendly offerings like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Many RV parks and campgrounds host Halloween celebrations during the entire month of October so check to see which dates work best for your schedule. Each of the consecutive Halloween-themed weekends may have slightly different activities scheduled so check the events calendar before booking your stay.

Tip 7. Try These Halloween Campfire Ideas

You’ll never have to hear “I’m bored” again! These campfire activities for families with kids include way more than just roasting marshmallows! These 10 fun campfire ideas and games will keep kids of all ages begging for another family camping trip! | campfire activities families with kids, campfire games families with kids, campfire ideas for kids and families

Make sure you plan plenty of campfire activities you can enjoy around the fire.

And, if you are camping with a large group, here are some campfire games for large groups you might want to play.

Games for camping large groups to play around a campfire by CampingForFoodies features a dark night sky filled with stars and a bright campfire surrounded by a big group of campers and text over the image that reads campfire games for large groups.

Tip 8. Experience Fall Colors

Depending on where you are, there is a good chance you will be able to experience a bit of leaf peeping during your Halloween camping trip. Here are some awesome destinations for seeing fall colors while camping.

Tip 9. Prepare For Seasonal Camping

Getting Ready For Your Trips With The Best Seasonal Camping Checklists by CampingForFoodies is an image of a small trailer being towed through the redwoods on a shady road above text reading camping seasonal checklist with an image below the text of a small wooden framed black chalkboard with white chalk writing of boxes and lines with check marks.

Nothing takes the fun out of camping faster than having mechanical or safety problems. Depending on where you will be spending your Halloween, you may run in to some bad weather or other off-season issues. Use our seasonal camping checklists to be prepared for your trip.

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More Camping Tips

If you’re looking for awesome ideas for yummy camping food, you’re in the right place! Here’s our entire camping recipes list.

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