Best Free RV And Tent Camping Sites Near Sedona Arizona Are On Forest Road FR525

Our favorite family activity is taking a road trip to Sedona Arizona where there are so many things to do, hiking trials galore, jaw-dropping beautiful places to see and on one visit A HOT AIR BALLOON LANDED AT OUR CAMPSITE!

Best Free RV And Tent Camping Sites Forest Road FR525 Near Sedona Arizona, CampingForFoodies Video a hot air balloon landed at our campsite visiting The Best Free RV And Tent Camping Sites Near Sedona Arizona On Forest Road FR525 with so many, hiking trails, nature and things to do with kids, cheap ideas to stay on budget while visiting beautiful places on AZ road trips!

Need cheap camping ideas that will fit your budget? Go dispersed camping in Arizona for free!

  • If you are camping with kids, they will love watching the jeep tours buzzing by and balloons floating overhead!
  • There is a 14 day limit on camping sites along Forest Road FR525 for RV boondocking and tent camping.
  • We think these are the best camping spots near Sedona’s attractions, stunning red rocks and fun activities … and, you can’t get any cheaper than free! 
VIDEO: Camping For Foodies Visits The Best Free RV And Tent Camping Sites Near Sedona Arizona On Forest Road FR525

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Free Camping Near Sedona AZ

The town of Sedona, Arizona is filled with resorts, gift shops, spas and tourist attractions so you won’t find much camping in Sedona proper but within a short drive, you can find tons of options for dispersed free camping near Sedona within the Coconino National Forest.

Here is a pdf from the National Forest Service with rules and maps so you are legally camping: Dispersed Camping on the Coconino National Forest.

All of the spots along Forest Road 525 are designated dispersed camping spots that require no reservation so you can go last minute camping whenever the urge hits you!

Wayfinding Help

Arizona Road & Recreation AtlasArizona Road & Recreation AtlasArizona Road & Recreation Atlas


One of my favorite resources for dispersed camping in National Forests is my Arizona Road And Recreation Guide Atlas.

  • It helps me know where we are and the borders of the different types of land we visit on our National Forest Camping trips!
  • It identifies the major Forest Roads and has information on cool things to see and do on Public Lands.
  • They also publish these for other states.

Top Things To Do In Sedona AZ: Sightseeing

A hot air balloon landed at our free camping site CampingForFoodies Video a hot air balloon landed at our campsite visiting The Best Free RV And Tent Camping Sites Near Sedona Arizona On Forest Road FR525 with so many, hiking trails, nature and things to do with kids, cheap ideas to stay on budget while visiting beautiful places on AZ road trips!

There are so many attractions and fun activities in Sedona that will cost you a few bucks but you can also have just as much fun sightseeing that won’t cost you a penny!

If you are lucky enough to be camping along Forest Road FR525 when the hot air balloon tours are flying, you might have an unexpected neighbor at your campsite!

Yes, we actually had a hot air balloon land at our campsite on one of our trips!

WHOA, those things are much bigger when you are standing next to them on the ground than they look drifting through the brilliant blue sky above your head!

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Sedona Arizona Camping In Beautiful Places by CampingForFoodies Where The Best Free RV And Tent Camping Sites Near Sedona Arizona Are On Forest Road FR525

In addition to the balloon tours, when you are hanging out at the best free RV and tent camping sites on Forest Road FR525, you’ll also see some of the jeep tour companies showing off the stunning red rock formations in the area surrounding Sedona Arizona.

Just think … the tourists are paying to see the beautiful scenery you are enjoying for free! You gotta love dispersed camping in Arizona!

Sedona Hikes Will Take Your Breath Away

How many hiking trails have you been on that take your breath away, literally and figuratively? Well, be prepared because that is a normal occurrence no matter which hiking trail you conquer in Sedona. 

The Coconino National Forest Red Rock Ranger District has some great resources for hiking trails throughout the area. There are too many to list so they split the group in two!

Another great way to find cool hikes is by using the AllTrails app … We think it is one of the best camping apps … and it is FREE!

Never Been Dispersed Camping Along National Forest Roads?

Don’t worry if National Forest dispersed camping is new to you … our Camping In National Forests post is full of helpful tips!

Sedona Arizona Elevation And Weather

We are blessed with great weather year round in Arizona. You may have heard me say, we have an elevation for every season so we can camp in mild weather all year long.

Because Sedona is filled with breathtaking views of magnificent mountains, the elevation depends on where you are standing in this little slice of heaven, you’ll be around 5,443 feet above sea level … give or take a few thousand feet LOL 

Our favorite time to visit Sedona is in the spring and fall. You’ll understand why when you check out the average high and low temperatures!

  • JAN 57°F High / 32°F Low
  • FEB 61°F High / 34°F Low
  • MAR 66°F High / 38°F Low
  • APR 73°F High / 43°F Low
  • MAY 83°F High / 51°F Low
  • JUN 94°F High / 59°F Low
  • JUL 96°F High / 66°F Low
  • AUG 94°F High / 65°F Low
  • SEP 88°F High / 59°F Low
  • OCT 77°F High / 49°F Low
  • NOV 65°F High / 38°F Low
  • DEC 56°F High / 32°F Low

Cellular Coverage While Boondocking Near Sedona Arizona On Forest Road FR525

Our Verizon coverage is excellent when we are camping on FR525 near Sedona, AZ. But, depending on where we go hiking, we do find ourselves in areas of no service especially when we are close to those beautiful red-rocked canyon walls. 

Road Conditions For Route Between Cottonwood, AZ and Forest Road FR525 Near Sedona Arizona

  • You will be on pavement until just after exiting 89A.
  • Once you hit the dirt road, it is not too bad for travel UNLESS it is wet and muddy.
  • Our truck and RV have “Arizona pinstripes” because we are serious boondockers! LOL
  • If you have not heard the term … Arizona pinstripes are the scratches you get on your vehicles when you are off-roading in the Arizona landscape.
  • When you are camping along FR525, you should be able to avoid them unless you venture into a dispersed campsite that has a narrow road with lots of brush surrounding it … but that is not common.
  • What IS common to find is washboard roads and some areas of relatively deep ruts especially after heavy rainfalls.
  • Be careful of this location if the weather forecast includes a few days of rain … that is not common but when it does happen … it can be difficult getting out because of the mud.
  • When it rains in Arizona it does flood because there is nowhere for the water to go … the good news is that it hardly ever rains so just watch the forecast and 99.9-ish% of the time … you’ll be fine.
  • I don’t really know the actual percentage but it really is almost always beautiful and sunny!

Amenities When Camping Near Sedona Arizona

You will be truly off-the-grid without any electric, water or dump facilities when you are at the Sedona area camping locations we like to visit so get out your portable solar panels and get that sun working for you!

Sedona Arizona Area Camping Cost

Is “free” really free?

  • Yes, it really is!
  • There is not a single permit or entrance fee you have to pay to boondock on Forest Road 525 near Sedona Arizona!
  • You get million dollar views without having to pull out your wallet!!!

Get more information on how we do free camping no matter where we are camped out!

Directions To Forest Road FR525 Sedona AZ Camping

We live in Phoenix so we take I-17 northbound and exit Route 260 toward Cottonwood; then intersect 89A northbound until reaching the turnoff for Forest Road FR525.

This intersection is a little tricky to find the first time so I’ve included a Google map for you.

More Red Rock Camping Destinations

Sedona is not the only place that has amazing scenery with beautiful red rock landscapes!

Dispersed Camping In Valley Of The Gods, Utah

Valley of the Gods dispersed camping is near Monument Valley in Utah. It is free to camp on this BLM land where the scenery is breathtaking!

Free Camping In Utah Valley Of The Gods Camping by CampingForFoodies

Goose Island Campground Moab, Utah

The one thing that makes Goose Island really stand out is the water … the campsites have awesome rock wall views across the water of the Colorado River! Check out our Goose Island Campground Moab Utah (VIDEO, Info & Review) for more tips on this low-cost Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground.

Goose Island Campground Moab Utah by CampingForFoodies features a full campground set against the red rock walls of Arches National Park with a sunny bright blue sky and a sign for the Goose Island Campground in Moab Utah managed by Bureau of Land Management with text over the image that reads Goose Island Campground Moab Utah.

Onion Creek Moab, Utah

You may have not heard of Onion Creek Moab Utah unless you are a jeeper or mountain biker but this place has one of the prettiest off-road motorized recreation areas on the planet! The normal passenger-vehicle-friendly Onion Creek Road is a scenic drive that crosses the Onion Creek 27 times in a 14 mile span. The Onion Creek campgrounds are low-cost BLM campgrounds with amazing views.

Onion Creek Camping by CampingForFoodies features a Bureau of Land Management Moab Field Office sign identifying Upper Onion Creek Campground with red rock scenery in the background and text over the image that reads Onion Creek.

Want to visit more exciting Arizona camping destinations?

Check out our post and get the insider secrets to awesome Arizona camping spots you will be sooooooo excited to visit!

Insider Secrets From A Local Camping In Arizona by CampingForFoodies

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VIDEO Balloon Lands At Campsite! CampingForFoodies Video a hot air balloon landed at our campsite visiting The Best Free RV And Tent Camping Sites Near Sedona Arizona On Forest Road FR525 with so many, hiking trails, nature and things to do with kids, cheap ideas to stay on budget while visiting beautiful places on AZ road trips!

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  1. Nigel William says:

    Hi, Kim! This is an awesome article! You did a great job providing all of the important pieces of information, so all that’s left is to hit the road! I really like a variety of things to do and see. I was wondering, what time of the year is most crowded here?

    1. Kim Hanna says:

      Hi Nigel,
      Thank you! The Sedona Arizona area is most crowded in the spring and fall months; it is especially busy during spring break. Winter temperatures can get a little cool and there can be lots of visitors during the holiday season. No matter what time of year you decide to visit, I’m sure you will love Sedona! Safe travels!