RV Tool Kit Checklist

RV Tool Kit Checklist - Items To Carry In Travel Tool Boxes - Camping For Foodies .com

RV Tool Kit Checklist

When you’re on the go with moving parts, you’ll need a tool once in a while. We’ve been camping for years … as tent campers we needed certain tools; when we transitioned to RV camping we needed different types of tools. That’s why we created this RV tool kit checklist to ensure our travel tool boxes are suitably stocked. You’ll find a FREE printable version of our RV Tool Kit Checklist at the bottom of this postPsst we’re compensated…see our disclosures.

RV Tool Kit Checklist - Keep Travel Tool Boxes Suitably Stocked - Camping For Foodies .com

This is our comprehensive list but every RV and camping trip is unique so add and subtract from our list to meet your specific travel needs.

Items To Carry In Travel Tool Boxes

 Performance Tool W1801 Mechanic’s Tool Set, 123-PieceRV Tool Kit Checklist - Performance Tool W1801 Mechanic's Tool Set, 123-Piece

Whether your tow vehicle and RV has SAE or Metric sizes, make sure your RV tool set is compatible with your equipment. Remember, a Chevy or Ford is not necessarily SAE so be sure you know your actual needs. This is an auto and RV tool set that can be used for basic repairs and maintenance. We like using a basic tool kit in an easy-to-carry case that keeps things organized in a limited amount of space.


RV tool kit checklist - RV Tool Kit Checklist - Tire Tools For RV Travel - Camping For Foodies .com

Tire Tools For Travel Tool Boxes

  • Compressor (for inflating tires, air bags for your vehicle if it has them and other inflatable products like air mattresses etc.)
  • Spare tire for RV trailer and tow vehicle
  • Floor jack
  • Digital tire gauge

 TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge, 100 PSIRV Tool Kit Checklist - TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge, 100 PSI

A digital tire gauge quickly provides accurate tire pressure readings which is important for the highest level of safety and gas mileage while traveling. If you operate at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure level, you should maximize the life of your tires.


 Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage JackRV Tool Kit Checklist - Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Even though a floor jack is heavier and more cumbersome than a typical scissor jack, we think it is worth the weight to carry because it is more stable, easier to use and generally has capacity to handle heavier weights. We have used ours on our RV as well as our tow vehicle. It is especially helpful when changing a tire on the side of a busy highway; the floor jack makes for a stable, safer and faster event.


RV Tool Kit Checklist - Roadside Emergency Equipment - Camping For Foodies .com

Roadside Emergency Equipment For Travel Tool Boxes

 Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kit (66-piece)RV Tool Kit Checklist - Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kit (66-piece)

When you are in a roadside emergency situation you don’t want to be digging through your storage bins for your emergency equipment. It is really helpful to have a roadside assistance kit with the basic things you need after you have safely pulled off the side of the road. We like kits because they have the things you need all in one place and are packed for efficiency requiring minimal storage space. Easy access to things like battery booster cables, warning triangle, reflective safety vest, hand squeeze flashlight, lightsticks, a mini first aid kit, various types of fasteners etc. are important to have readily available in the event of a roadside emergency.


RV Tool Kit Checklist - Lights And Electrical Equipment - Camping For Foodies .com

Lights And Electrical Equipment For Travel Tool Boxes

  • Diagonal wire cutters, crimpers, electrical connectors
  • Bulbs for tail light, turn signal
  • Voltmeter
  • Battery terminal post cleaner
  • Solder, soldering iron
  • Proximity tester
  • Frequency meter
  • Flashlight, spare batteries
  • Headlamp, spare batteries

 Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter, Amp / Ohm / Volt Meter, Multi Tester w/ Diode and Continuity TestRV Tool Kit Checklist -Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter, Amp / Ohm / Volt Meter, Multi Tester w/ Diode and Continuity Test

A voltmeter is an inexpensive yet very valuable item to have in your RV toolbox. A voltmeter allows you to test the condition of your RV batteries before and during your camping trip. Knowing the remaining charge on your batteries is important; you don’t want to be surprised when your lights go out as a result of your batteries going dead. A voltmeter can also be used to check the shore power (also known as RV electric hookups and RV power outlet box) at your campsite destination for proper polarity and volts. If the voltage being supplied is inadequate to meet your AC electrical needs, you could inadvertently drain your RV batteries. Voltmeters are also able to troubleshoot power problems in your RV, check integrity of its fuses and the continuity within the RV’s electrical system.


RV Tool Kit Checklist - Propane Fuel Equipment - Camping For Foodies .com

Propane Fuel Equipment For Travel Tool Boxes

 Onlyfire Universal Propane Tank Refill Adapter- 100% Solid Brass Regulator Valve Accessory for all 1 LB Tank Small CylindersRV Tool Kit Checklist - Onlyfire Universal Propane Tank Refill Adapter- 100% Solid Brass Regulator Valve Accessory for all 1 LB Tank Small Cylinders

Even though most RVs have amazing kitchens, we still prefer to cook our camp meals outdoors over a campfire, in Dutch ovens or on our portable camping stove. One drawback with using portable camping stoves is the need for small propane cylinders which can run out of fuel before the weekend is over if you are using it enough. That problem is eliminated by using a propane tank refill adapter which easily transfers propane from your large RV propane tank to your small propane cylinders used with your camping stove. We also love the eco-friendliness of reusing and refilling the small cylinder rather than disposing of empty cylinders after a single use. We find the propane tank refill adapter easy to use; be sure to follow the manufactures instructions for safe operation.


 Mag-Torch MT 450 Garden Torch, SilverRV Tool Kit Checklist - Mag-Torch MT 450 Garden Torch, Silver

My husband’s ultimate favorite tool in our RV tool kit is what he calls “The He-Man Boy Scout Fire Starter Stick”. This thing is awesome! Why would you ever use kindling to start the campfire on those cool mornings when you have one of these? When you hear this thing fire up you know the campfire will be roaring in short order and the camp coffee will be percolating soon after. This torch uses a typical screw-on portable camping stove cylinder and has a self-lighting igniter. You will love it!


RV Tool Kit Checklist - Adhesives, Fasteners And Misc. Supplies - Camping For Foodies .com

Adhesives And Fasteners For Travel Tool Boxes

 Master Lock 3023AT Assorted Bungee Cords, 24-PackRV Tool Kit Checklist - Master Lock 3023AT Assorted Bungee Cords, 24-Pack

As you know bungee cords have thousands of uses, especially this pack with assorted types and sizes. We use bungee cords lots of ways when camping, here are a few of our favorites: securing lightweight items in the bed of our truck so they don’t blow out while towing our RV down the highway, keeping tarps secured while protecting our campfire wood from getting wet in a breezy and wet rainstorm and they make great make-shift clotheslines so you can dry your wet clothes before packing them for the trip home.


 Oatey Plumber’s Putty – 31166RV Tool Kit Checklist - Oatey Plumber's Putty - 31166

You might be surprised plumber’s putty made our RV tool kit checklist, but we included it because we found it useful a few times out in the wilderness as a temporary fix to a problem. On one camping trip we encountered a rainstorm and had a ceiling vent begin leaking. Plumber’s putty saved the day and kept us dry for the duration of our camping trip. It proved to be a great temporary fix until we could properly repair the leak once we returned home.


Misc. Supplies For Travel Tool Boxes

  • Work gloves
  • Rags
  • Ground cloth
  • Scotchbrite pads
  • Small assortment nuts, bolts, screws
  • Box cutter
  • Scissors
  • Pocket knife
  • WD 40
  • Pocket Multi Tool

 Stanley 84-519K 12-in-1 Multi ToolRV Tool Kit Checklist - Stanley 84-519K 12-in-1 Multi Tool

This Stanley 12 In One Multi Tool is an item that fits in your pocket and fills all the squares for tasks requiring a small tool. Whether it’s around the campsite or in the RV, someone always needs it. It does it all. My husband had one and found that everyone was always borrowing it. He was tired of trying to figure out who had it during the times he needed it, so he bought one of his own and keeps it in his pocket so he does not have to share it. It’s a great little tool!


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