EASY Dutch Oven Camping Recipes (BEST Campfire Cooking Meals)

No trip is complete without great camping food. Our simple and tasty Dutch oven camping recipes make camp oven cooking easy and fun!

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Breakfast Recipes

One of the best things about Dutch oven breakfast recipes is serving them with a cup of camp coffee. That’s the perfect combination for a good morning!

1. Blueberry Lemon Muffins

These amazing Dutch oven blueberry lemon muffins by CampingForFoodies features a batch of homemade muffins baked and ready to serve from the vessel sitting on the ground with text over the image that reads Blueberry Lemon Dutch Oven Muffins.

Fresh lemon and blueberries create these amazingly delicious, slightly sticky muffins that are the perfect way to start the day. Make a quick batter and pour it into foil cupcake liners to bake these beautifully imperfect muffins.

2. Tomato And Avocado Frittata

This Tomato and Avocado Frittata is one of our favorite Dutch oven breakfast recipes because its beautiful and delicious. The baked egg meal fills the vessel and is topped with green avocado slices, red cherry tomatoes and ribbons of green fresh basil leaves with text over the image that reads Dutch Oven Tomato And Avocado Frittata by CampingForFoodies.

Camp breakfast ideas, like this frittata, are the best Dutch oven recipes when you want everyone to eat together. The combination of tomato, avocado and cheddar cheese please my camping crowd every time I serve this yummy breakfast for the most important meal of the day.

This is just one of our yummy keto camping food ideas!

3. Lemon Blueberry Topped Dutch Baby

Fresh blueberries are tossed with lemon and sugar to create a slightly sweet topping making it one of those easy Dutch oven camping recipes perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Camp Cooking Tip: For a different flavor combination, just change the topping ingredients. Lovers of strawberries will enjoy our Strawberry Banana Compote on this Dutch baby as well as on French toast, waffles and pancakes. It’s a nice alternative to maple syrup. We were inspired by the fluffy pancake served at Black Bear Diner restaurants so we made our own version of homemade Sweet Cream Pancakes designed to be easy for campsite cooking.

4. French Toast

Camping Dutch Oven Cinnamon Campfire French Toast With Powdered Sugar Glaze by CampingForFoodies

The warm flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves make this Dutch oven French toast casserole the perfect breakfast on fall and winter camping menus. Drizzle the sweet powdered sugar glaze and your meal is served! Much of this recipe can be prepped-ahead so you just have to “dump and bake” at camp.

5. Breakfast Pizza

Looking for breakfast camping meals camping kids will get excited about? Try this breakfast Dutch oven pizza recipe! This cornmeal batter crust is topped with ham, cheese, green onions and tomatoes.

Camp Cooking Tip: Use a chunk of deli ham to prepare quick meals. A recipe with deli ham cooks much faster than with a meat that isn’t precooked.

6. Mountain Man Breakfast

This Dutch oven country breakfast features a good meal for a group, the dish features eggs, hash browns, sausage and green chilies baked and topped with shredded cheddar cheese and chopped  green onions with text over the image that reads Mountain Man Camping Breakfast Dutch Oven Recipe by CampingForFoodies.

Our mountain man breakfast casserole is a hearty, easy recipe that’s cheesy, meaty and moist! The hot breakfast sausage, green chilies and cheddar cheese create slightly spicy flavors with a nod to the American southwest. With eggs and hash browns added to the mix, this is truly a one pot breakfast that is hearty enough to keep you satisfied until dinner!

If you have a big crowd, you can serve cinnamon rolls or some type of sweet bread on the side.

7. Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a great option for a fast hot meal. We jazz them up with a little bit of onion and cheese.

8. Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls by CampingForFoodies features freshly baked cinnamon rolls that are topped with cream cheese frosting, sitting on a plate on the ground. The rolls are nestled in gooey parchment paper that was used to bake and lift them out of the black cast iron pot that is sitting in the background.

The next best thing to getting freshly baked cinnamon rolls from your favorite bakery is making them yourself in the great outdoors. The campsite is the perfect place to do simple recipes that take “additional time” for things like rising. The secret ingredient: ready-to-bake dinner roll dough from the freezer! You’ve gotta try these the next time you camp!

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9. Dutch Oven Egg Bake

This simple recipe is quick when you’re cooking with hot coals from a morning campfire. It’s one of our camping breakfast ideas that includes eggs, breakfast meat and shredded hash brown potatoes all in one vessel.

10. Campfire Donuts

Refrigerator Biscuits Dutch Oven Campfire Donuts by CampingForFoodies features donuts and donut holes frying in a cast iron Dutch oven sitting on a grate in a campfire ring, they are golden brown on one side and some are just being flipped to cook the other side with text over the image that reads refrigerator biscuits campfire donuts.

These donuts only use 3 ingredients and take mere minutes to make. They are made with refrigerator biscuit dough. Just cut a circle in the center to create the doughnut shape and doughnut holes, then fry, drain on a paper towel, toss in sugar and enjoy this warm sweet treat for breakfast or dessert!

11. Breakfast Burrito Camping Recipe

Cook these burritos using cast iron skillets or campfire Dutch ovens to make one of the best easy camping meals.

12. Bacon Scramble

This hearty breakfast will be on your table in 30 minutes!

13. Savory Dutch Baby

Dutch Oven Camping Recipe Savory Dutch Baby by CampingForFoodies is one of our delicious Dutch oven recipes that you eat without utensils. This pancake-like crust is crispy and is sliced like pizza, this perfect meal has finished baking and has been topped with bacon, cheese and green onions with text over the image that reads Dutch oven camping recipe, savory Dutch baby.

This savory bacon and cheese cast iron Dutch oven Dutch baby is soooooo good and easy too!

14. Southwestern Breakfast Casserole

This is good comfort food with southwestern flavors from the chorizo sausage, colby jack cheese, green chilis and cilantro.

15. Eggs Baked In Avocados

Looking for easy Dutch oven recipes for baked eggs? Try this one!

16. Dutch Oven Monkey Bread

Dutch Oven Monkey Bread by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron camp Dutch oven filled with hot-baked small pieces of refrigerator biscuits tossed in cinnamon, sugar and nuts being drizzled with a white powered sugar glaze.
Dutch Oven Monkey Bread by CampingForFoodies

The easiest way to prepare this sweet and slightly crispy pull-apart bread is to measure and mix the dry ingredients at home. At camp, place everything in a plastic food storage bag, shake, dump and bake.

17. Bacon And Cheese Quiche

This is a family favorite brunch meal. This quiche takes a bit more effort than our other easy camping lunches but it is worth it! When I am making camping meals for two, I prepare this quiche for a hot breakfast … refrigerate the leftovers and then serve it cold the next day with a nice side salad for lunch or a light dinner!

18. Coffee Cake

The cinnamon and brown sugar make this coffee cake a real crowd pleaser. And, it goes well with hot coffee and hot chocolate, the best parts of breakfast!

19. Swedish Oven Pancake

Swedish Oven Pancake by CampingForFoodies features two slices of a golden-brown, oven-baked puffed pancake on a blue camping plate. One slice is topped with red salsa for a savory version of the recipe, the other slice is topped with melting butter and maple syrup. A glass syrup bottle is over the plate glistening in sunshine. Bright red strawberries garnish the bottom of the plate.
Swedish Oven Pancake by CampingForFoodies

This easy oven-baked pancake is a great recipe that only takes 5 minutes to prep! The puffy pancake is a cross between a popover and a crepe and can be served as a sweet or savory meal.

Appetizers And Snacks Recipes

20. Camping Nachos

Camping Nachos Dutch Oven Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies is an image of campfire nachos cast iron Dutch oven pot with loaded nachos topped with melted cheese, fire roasted tomatoes, sour cream, black olives and cilantro. The Dutch oven is set on the stump of a log at a campsite on a bright sunny day.

These tasty campfire nachos only take 5 minutes to prep and 15 minutes to cook! Just layer tortilla chips, refried beans, onion, green chile peppers, fire roasted tomatoes, cheddar cheese and black olives. Bake then top with sour cream and cilantro. This delicious recipe is the perfect starter to a meal featuring your favorite Mexican food.

21. Hot Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip

This awesome hot cheesy spinach artichoke dip campfire Dutch oven appetizer recipe is one of our favorite camping recipes and easy campingforfoodies appetizers for outdoor cooking over campfires!

This dip is the perfect thing to take to large group parties. Serve it with crackers and baguette bread slices for dipping. It’s great for happy hour snacks and camping potlucks!

22. Stuffed Baby Bells

Stuffed Baby Bells Dutch Oven Campfire Appetizer CampingForFoodies Camping Appetizer Recipe

You can’t eat just one when it comes to these stuffed baby bells. This is one of those delicious Dutch oven recipes you can serve as a heavy appetizer with a light dinner.

Get more ideas to make yummy camping snacks like Strawberry Basil Bruschetta, Fresh Guacamole, Rosemary Spiced Nuts and more!

Side Dish Recipes

23. Dutch Oven Baked Beans

Dutch Oven Baked Beans Cast Iron 5-Bean Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron camp Dutch oven filled with five types of beans in a homemade sauce being stirred with wooden spoons as steam rises from the pot. This baked beans with hamburger and bacon recipe is ready to be served at the campsite.
Dutch Oven Baked Beans Cast Iron 5-Bean Recipe by CampingForFoodies

These beans are almost a meal rather than just a side dish. They feature hamburger, bacon and five different beans in a simple homemade sauce.

24. Dutch Oven Potatoes Au Gratin

Dutch Oven Potatoes Au Gratin by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron camp Dutch oven filled with yellow, golden brown melted cheese and a creamy sauce with potato slices.
Dutch Oven Potatoes Au Gratin by CampingForFoodies

These cheesy potatoes are amazing! If your family loves rich and creamy side dishes, you’ve gotta try this one. It takes a little extra time and effort, but, the finished dish is WORTH IT!

25. Classic Sage Sausage Dressing

Dutch Oven Classic Sage Sausage Dressing - Camping For Foodies .com

When you’re making big dinners for camping holiday events, like Thanksgiving, you are probably making camping food for a crowd along with a bunch of other menu items. A serving of sage and sausage stuffing is one of our must-have camping side dishes in the fall.

26. Mac And Cheese

Mac And Cheese Dutch Oven Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron camp Dutch oven pot filled with creamy macaroni and cheese topped with a golden brown crumb topping ready to be served at the campsite with a campfire roaring in the background with text over the image that reads Mac And Cheese Dutch Oven Camping Recipe.

This Dutch oven mac & cheese is great for a large family when paired with a quick grilled burger or hot dogs. So much better than just a bag of potato chips!

Dinner Recipes

With over 30 camp oven recipes for dinners, you can make a new meal every day of the month without repeating a recipe!


27. Dutch Oven Mexican Chicken

Dutch Oven Mexican Chicken Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron Dutch oven filled with a freshly baked meal of browned chicken breasts and rice in a Mexican sauce topped with green cilantro.
Dutch Oven Mexican Chicken Recipe by CampingForFoodies

This chicken is full of bold flavors from chili powder, ground cumin, oregano and coriander. Onion, garlic, rice and prepared salsa are baked with chicken breasts to create a delicious one pot meal.

When I want to serve a big Mexican hot meal with appetizers, I start with my Sweet Onion Salsa Recipe (made with fresh vegetables) and crunchy tortilla chips, Dutch Oven Nachos and a big bowl of my Fresh Guacamole.

28 American Chinese Chop Suey

This chicken chop suey is made from readily available, simple ingredients you can find in your local grocery store!

29. Dutch Oven Lemon Chicken

This is one of my favorite easy and healthy Dutch oven campfire recipes.

30. Easy Dutch Oven Chicken Pot Pie With Refrigerated Biscuits

Campfire Dutch Oven Chicken Pot Pie by CampingForFoodies features a blue camping plate filled with a big helping of chicken pot pie dinner in front of a cast iron camp Dutch oven with a serving spoon and a fluffy biscuit upper-crust chicken pot pie with carrots, peas, green beans and corn with text over the image that reads chicken pot pie.

This filling and hearty semi-homemade chicken pot pie is really simple because of the fluffy upper-crust that is made using refrigerated biscuits. Another shortcut comes from the frozen mixed veggies that are already chopped for you!

31. Dijon Mustard Sauce Chicken

One of the easiest ways to dress up a standard budget-friendly chicken breast without a lot of effort is with a fast pan sauce.

32. Spicy Chicken And Corn Chili

Want car camping dinner ideas? This chili is awesome because it’s one of our camping food recipes using no refrigeration meaning that the ingredients are all from your pantry!

33. Dutch Oven Chicken And Potatoes

Camping Dutch Oven Chicken And Potatoes by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron camp Dutch oven sitting in a campfire ring with a wooden log burning in the background, the pot is filled with a camping dinner of chicken, potatoes and carrots all topped with bright green parsley, the text over the image reads chicken and potatoes.

You gotta love one pot camping meals you can cook over a campfire or on a camp stove. This yummy dinner combines chicken, potatoes and carrots in one Dutch oven. We add a bit of bacon to create tons of flavor with minimal effort.

34. Dutch Oven White Chicken Chili

This white chili made with cubed chicken breast meat and great Northern beans. The thick and creamy texture is easily achieved with cream cheese.

35. Chicken Enchiladas

Cast Iron Dutch Oven Chicken Enchiladas by CampingForFoodies features a camp Dutch oven with baked chicken enchiladas in a red sauce covered with a golden yellow melted cheddar cheese and topped with bright green chopped cilantro all ready to be served at the campsite along with a cast iron Dutch oven lid in the background setting on a charcoal chimney and grey ash covered charcoals on the lid with text over the image that reads chicken enchiladas.

If you like ooey, gooey, cheesy Mexican food, you’re going to agree: This is one of the best camping dinners! Easy recipes, like these Dutch oven enchiladas, start with pre-cooked shredded chicken and a prepared sauce.

Camp Cooking Tip: Some of my favorite Dutch oven recipes use shredded chicken. Instead of cooking it myself, I purchase a rotisserie whole chicken that I only have to shred. It’s often the first thing I add to my Costco camping food shopping list.

36. Middle Eastern Chicken

Carla, a reader, made a comment about the guy who was shocked to find out he was eating fruit and loved it after she served him this Middle Eastern inspired chicken with dried apricots and dates.

37. Dutch Oven Chicken And Rice

When you want warm and hearty comfort food, try this baked chicken and rice casserole.

38. Thai Chicken Recipe

Make-Ahead Dutch Oven Thai Campfire Chicken Recipe by CampingForFoodies

Thai chicken is the best dinner if you want to just “dump, simmer and serve” at the campsite because it is one of our awesome make ahead camping meals! This recipe uses coconut milk, peanut butter and a blend of spices making ordinary chicken taste amazing. It is one of my absolute favorite Dutch oven chicken recipes!

39. Lemon Feta Chicken

This dinner only takes 15 minutes to prep for cooking!

40. Latin Chicken

This Latin chicken combines black beans, chicken and potatoes that simmer in a simple sauce. It’s a great meal if you want to do campfire cooking tripod style or use a grate.

41. Camp Oven Chicken Curry

Dutch Oven Chicken Curry by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron Dutch oven on a campfire cooking grate filled with curry chicken in a yellow sauce with potatoes and carrots and a campfire blazing in the background with text over the image that reads Dutch oven chicken curry.

Enjoy this almost-gourmet camp meal without a ton of work! The curry and coconut milk in this dinner do the job of bringing big flavor to this yummy meal! For my family, this is one of the most requested camping dinner recipes they always crave.

42. Italian Chicken Cacciatore

Chop everything at home, throw it into a freezer bag then dump and cook at camp.

43. Trinidad Stew Chicken Recipe

Trinidad Stew Chicken Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a blue camping plate filled with white rice that is topped with deep brown stewed chicken, carrots and potatoes in a thick sauce. A green lime wedge rests on the side while a hand sprinkles bright green cilantro over the plate. A Dutch oven in the background contains more stewed chicken with the handle of a ladle resting on the edge of the pot.
Trinidad Stew Chicken Recipe by CampingForFoodies

This Caribbean cuisine is a comforting chicken stew that looks more like beef than chicken because of caramelized brown sugar.

44. Chicken Piccata Soup

If you’re looking for a light meal that is quick-cooking too, try this soup.

45. 3 Ingredient Caesar Chicken

You really can make a tasty meal with just 3 ingredients! And, this one requires NO prep work!


46. Dutch Oven Beef Sandwiches

Dutch Oven Beef Sandwiches by CampingForFoodies features a shredded beef sandwich on a hoagie roll topped with mildly spicy green peppers on a blue camping plate alongside a serving of coleslaw and dill pickles ready to be served and setting in front of a black cast iron camp Dutch oven with text over the image that reads Beef Sandwiches.

If you have 2 minutes and 3 basic ingredients, you’re ready to make this easy camping recipe that requires NO prepping! The beef roast is made really tender with a low and slow cooking process. The mild peppers provide a tangy flavor with just a tad of heat.

47. Dutch Oven Chili Mac

Dutch Oven Chili Mac by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron camp Dutch oven sitting over a campfire on a cooking grate, it is filled with chili mac that is being served, another single portion is placed alongside the Dutch oven in a blue camping bowl with a spoon in it and ready to eat with text over the image that reads Dutch Oven Chili Mac.

This recipe uses beef, beans, tomatoes and cheese to create a great combination that offers a homemade classic comfort food one-pot meal. Finicky kids and fussy adults all love this warm and hearty dinner.

48. Dutch Oven Steak

Dutch Oven Steak Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron camp Dutch oven filled with steak and white and purple fingerling potatoes topped with fresh parsley ready to be served at the campsite with text over the image that reads Dutch oven steak and potatoes.

Using flank steak makes this recipe affordable, using a simple marinade makes it easy and tender, adding potatoes makes it a one pot meal. You are gonna LOVE this almost-gourmet dinner!

49. Beef Stroganoff

This stroganoff is a quick and simple one pot meal that does not skimp on flavor!

Cast iron campfire cooking recipes can be set up two ways. You can use your tripod over fire pits to hang your vessel over the heat or you can place it directly on a stationary camp fire grate that is set on the fire pit floor or attached to a camp fire ring.

I prefer stationary grates when I’m cooking my easy campfire recipes in windy conditions, like you can see in the video of me making my beef stroganoff recipe. In calm conditions, I like using a tripod like I did when I made my stew video.

50. Campfire Stew

Campfire Stew Dutch Oven Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies

When it comes to warm and hearty camp oven suppers, this beef stew camping recipe gets 5 STARS! It has a thick tomato-based sauce and veggies that are cooked together with cubed beef chuck that gets fork tender! It’s a lip-smacking one pot camping meal you’ll love! I like using the tripod in our campfire cooking kit but I’ve also made this stew using an over-fire grill grate.

51. Campfire Roast Beef

Campfire Roast Beef Dutch Oven Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies is a Mexican flavored recipe with slices of roast beef, potatoes and colorful vegetables on a blue camping plate ready to be served with a background of the partially sliced beef sitting in a cast iron campfire Dutch oven on a grate over a campfire alongside a cast iron skillet with charred green beans, peas and carrots; the text over the image reads campfire roast beef.

Camp cooking is really flavorful with very few ingredients, if you know which ones to use. This easy Dutch oven pot roast recipe cooks fork-tender roast beef over your campfire using beef broth, canned fire roasted tomatoes, canned green chile peppers and Mexican seasoning blend to flavor the beef roast and potatoes.

52. Camping Tacos

You can cook these over a campfire, using charcoal briquettes or make them as one of our speedy camp stove recipes!

53. Asian Beef And Broccoli

This beef and broccoli make-ahead freezer meal uses apple cider vinegar to tenderize flat iron steak flavored with a blend of Asian spices. Do the prep at home, then “dump and cook” over your campfire!

54. French Dip Beef Sandwiches

Flank steak is transformed with simple ingredients to make this French dip sandwich which is a ”dump and cook” meal prepped at home, then frozen in a freezer bag for quick defrosting and cooking at camp.

55. Big Mac Sloppy Joes

Big Mac Sloppy Joes by CampingForFoodies features a double decker sandwich on a sesame seeded bun filled with sloppy joe meat and a copycat version of McDonald’s secret sauce, American cheese, pickles and shredded lettuce. The meal is ready to be served for dinner at the campsite. A cast iron Dutch oven and propane fuel canister on a camp stove are in the background.
Big Mac Sloppy Joes by CampingForFoodies

Want to know the reason these Big Mac Sloppy Joes are a crowd-favorite? The secret Big Mac copycat sauce on double-decker sandwiches!

56. Spicy Steak Chili

This chili WON’T have your camping crowd asking “Where’s the meat?”

57. Beef, Broccoli & Carrot Camping Stir Fry

The simple homemade marinade makes this meal extraordinary. And, it only takes 20 minutes to cook!

58. Hobo Casserole

You can enjoy good old American comfort food in the great outdoors with this giant ground beef patty topped with onions, potatoes, cream of mushroom soup, cheese and French fried onions, then baked till golden brown.

59. Diablo Sandwich

Ever tried a Tex-Mex style spicy sloppy joe? You need to try this one that combines jalapeno peppers, taco seasoning, BBQ sauce and pepper jack cheese to make a fantastic meal!

60. Dutch Oven Shepherd’s Pie

Dutch Oven Shepherd's Pie by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron Dutch oven filled with a layered casserole containing browned ground beef, mixed vegetables, a layer of mashed potatoes and melted cheddar cheese. A spatula sits in the pot ready to scoop out the next serving.
Dutch Oven Shepherd’s Pie by CampingForFoodies

Looking for a cold-weather dinner requiring minimal prep work? This cottage pie includes meat and veggies all in one pot.

61. Cowboy Soup Recipe

Make this easy, Tex-Mex soup in one single pot. It uses hamburger, beans and veggies to create a simple, warm and hearty meal.

62. Kettle Beef Recipe

Kettle Beef Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a blue camping plate filled with fluffy, white mashed potatoes topped with tender beef chunks in a thick brown gravy sauce alongside bright green steamed broccoli. Both are sprinkled with red pepper flakes. The plate is set on a campfire log. In the background is a sparkling river and tall green grasses.
Kettle Beef Recipe by CampingForFoodies

This is comfort food made with simple ingredients. Serve fork-tender beef with easy homemade gravy over mashed potatoes to satisfy the “meat & potatoes” lovers at your table.

63. Creamy Tacos

This easy, tasty & fun one-pot camping meal uses simple ingredients, requires minimal prep work and is quick to cook.

64. Beef And Broccoli Freezer Meal

With advanced meal prep at home using simple ingredients, this meal cooks in just 10 minutes!


65. One Pot Creamy Cajun Chicken Camping Pasta

When you have pre-cooked chicken breasts ready to slice and drop into quick camping pasta recipes, you can get a fantastic dinner on the table in minutes!

66. Dutch Oven Pasta Stuffed Manicotti

Dutch Oven Pasta Stuffed Manicotti Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a camp Dutch oven with a scoop of the meal taken out and placed on a blue camping plate ready to eat at the campsite with text over the image that reads stuffed manicotti camping recipe.

This recipe was designed for outdoor camp cooking with minimal effort, producing a restaurant-quality meal! Just combine Italian sausage, three types of cheese (ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheese), jarred spaghetti sauce and fill the manicotti noodles to bake in sauce.

67. Goulash

Campfire Goulash by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron camp Dutch oven sitting on a grate in a campfire ring with a campfire burning in the background, the pot is filled with goulash and sprinkled with parmesan cheese and ready to be served with text over the image that reads campfire goulash.

This goulash is one of our dinners cooked using a campfire grate or tripod. If you need an alternative to open fire cooking, it can be one of those simple meals cooked over a camping stove too.

68. One Pot Spaghetti

This super-simple one pot dinner can be made over a camp fire or camp stove. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes of prep before you can start cooking! You don’t need to pre-boil the spaghetti, it cooks directly in the sauce!

Dutch oven cheesy garlic bites are yummy to serve on the side.

69. Pesto Steak Pasta

Pesto Steak Pasta might sound difficult but this version is a simple one pot meal. And, it’ll be on your table in just 30 minutes!

70. Dutch Oven Lasagna

Using ready-to-bake (no boiling required) pasta makes this version an easier recipe for camping dinners.

71. Dutch Oven Spaghetti And Meatballs

Adding a little wine to the sauce made this dish one of my favorite Dutch oven camping recipes. The homemade meatballs use ground beef and pork making them flavorful and tender.

72. Pesto Ricotta Pasta Bake

This lazy man’s lasagna uses oven-ready lasagna noodles and layers Italian sausage, basil pesto and three cheeses to make a simple one pot dinner!

73. Garlicky Shrimp Alfredo Bake

This homemade alfredo sauce has a rich taste and smooth texture. The pasta cooks right in the sauce with the shrimp and garlic.

74. Pesto Tortellini Bake Freezer Meal

If you like make ahead freezer meals that you can just “dump and cook” at camp, you’ve gotta try this delicious chicken pasta dish. It combines cheese tortellini and grape tomatoes in a creamy sauce.


75. Dutch Oven Upside Down Pizza

This is one of the craziest Dutch oven recipes you’ll ever make at your campsite! It’s a fun twist on a classic deep dish pan style pizza.

76. Dutch Oven Pizza

Dutch Oven Pizza Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron camp Dutch oven filled with a sliced hot pizza with golden brown cheese, black olives, green peppers and a red tomato sauce ready to be served at the campsite.
Dutch Oven Pizza Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies

One reader comment made me laugh: “Thank you for this recipe! I am now a camp cook hero to my pizza-loving husband!”  You can add all of your favorite toppings to this yummy camp dinner.

77. Easy Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Combining prepared ingredients with fresh ones is one way I make great meals at the campsite without tons of effort.

78. Chicken Pesto Pizza

Our family likes putting anything on top of a pizza (especially my homemade pesto) but I also use prepared pesto to make this simple recipe. Add a bit of cooked shredded chicken, mozzarella and parmesan cheese then top with fresh basil leaves for a quick and yummy dinner.


79. Dutch Oven Pork Chops And Rice

One-pot meals make dinner so easy! This one combines pork chops with rice, garlic, tomatoes and bell pepper slices to create a mild Italian flavor profile.

80. Pork Chops In Mushroom Sauce

Simmer these slightly sweet and totally tender pork chops using campfire coals, charcoal briquettes or even a camp stove! The AMAZING flavor comes from seasoning then browning the pork chops followed by cooking them in a sauce made from chicken broth, cider vinegar, brown sugar and fresh garlic.

81. Hot Italian Sausage Soup

Hot Italian Sausage Soup Recipe - Dutch Oven Recipes For Camping - Camping For Foodies .com

Camping soups are typically starters for meals but this hearty recipe makes a full meal when served with crusty bread. It’s a delectable meal for your next camping trip in cold weather.

82. Dutch Oven Sausage

This sausage features beer brats, onions, peppers and potatoes cooked together in a yummy beef broth. It only takes about 5 minutes to prep and provides a hearty meal.

83. Dutch Oven BBQ Ribs

Camping Dutch Oven BBQ Ribs Can Be Cooked With Charcoal Briquettes Or Over A Campfire

These tender mouth-watering ribs require a little time and attention. The meat simmers in sauce about 6 hours, so, read a book or play a game of horseshoes around camp so you can easily maintain the charcoal briquettes or camp fire throughout the day. You won’t be disappointed in these ribs!

You can do BBQ Dutch oven chicken if you don’t have enough time to do ribs. If a portable smoker is part of your camping gear, try these Pellet Smoked Short Ribs!

84. Sausage Sauerkraut

Only have 10 minutes to make dinner? This meal only uses 3 ingredients and needs no prep!

85. Pork Chops With Vinegar Peppers And Potatoes

Looking for a classic Italian comfort food that’s cooked in one pan? Try these chops and use hot or sweet cherry peppers, depending on how spicy you like your food.


86. White Chili

Campfire White Chili Recipe - Camping For Foodies .com

This recipe is a slight twist on the traditional tomato-based chili; it uses ground turkey, white beans and chicken broth as its base.


87. Asian Inspired Campfire Shrimp

Asian Inspired Cast Iron Dutch Oven Campfire Shrimp Recipe by CampingForFoodies

When you are in the mood for shrimp at the campsite, you don’t have to make the standard shrimp boil foil packets. This Asian inspired shrimp is one of our gourmet camping meals that has phenomenal flavors from a few fresh ingredients like garlic, green onions, mushrooms and basil.

Meat Combinations

88. Dutch Oven Meatloaf

Meatloaf In Dutch Oven by CampingForFoodies features a glazed and bacon-topped meatloaf set inside a black cast iron Dutch oven that is lined with parchment paper, the dinner meal is ready to be served at the campsite with text over the image that reads Dutch Oven Meatloaf.

You don’t have to wonder about this meatloaf … we call it the Bacon-Topped Best Meatloaf Recipe Ever for a reason! It uses ground beef and Italian sausage then is topped with bacon strips and it’s all covered in a simple homemade glaze!

89. Dutch Oven Cowboy Stew

Cowboy Stew Camping Dutch Oven Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron camp Dutch oven sitting on the ground of a forest and filled with a meal of cowboy stew. A blue camping bowl sitting in front of the Dutch oven pot is filled with an individual portion of the stew ready to be served at the campsite. The stew contains ground beef, andouille sausage, potatoes and canned corn, tomatoes, green beans and green chilies with text over the image that reads cowboy stew Dutch oven camping recipe.

Canned pinto beans, green beans, tomatoes, corn and green chilies make it easy. Potatoes make it filling and the ground beef, bacon and andouille cooked sausage make it taste amazing! Try this easy one pot dinner on your next cool weather camp trip!

90. Dutch Oven Chili

What do you cook when you’re thinking of warm winter camping recipes that are simple one pot camping meals? Chili, of course!

91. Dutch Oven Gumbo

Want dinners camping crowds will enjoy? Try gumbo!

92. Dutch Oven Chili: Secret Family Recipe Revealed

Dutch Oven Chili by CampingForFoodies features a blue camp bowl filled with Dutch oven beef chili topped with freshly made cornbread sitting in front of two camp Dutch ovens, one filled with campfire chili and the other filled with jalapeno cornbread with a slice removed and text over the image that reads Dutch oven chili.

The homemade spice blend, ground beef, Italian sausage, and a touch of beer make this dinner favorite one that you just can’t stop eating!

93. Easy Dutch Oven Jambalaya With Shrimp, Chicken & Sausage

Dutch Oven Jambalaya by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron camping Dutch oven filled with chicken, sausage and shrimp jambalaya alongside a pot of white rice in the background and a cast iron lid resting against a camping fire ring with text over the image that reads Dutch Oven Jambalaya.

This thick tomato-based sauce is a family-friendly version of jambalaya that is not too spicy.


94. Cinnamon Cupcakes

Cinnamon lovers will go crazy over these moist cupcakes. They are the perfect end to your dinner.

95. Dutch Oven Carrot Cake

The carrots and raisins create a super-moist cake that is topped with a yummy cream cheese frosting. Try it once and it’ll become one of your favorite camping dessert recipes!

96. Camping Smores Dutch Oven Brownies

Smores Brownies Dutch Oven Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies features a Dutch oven filled with baked brownies that are topped with graham cracker and marshmallow toppings and a Dutch oven lid in the background with spent charcoal setting on top and text over the image that reads camping Dutch oven smores brownies.

Entertaining the taste buds of fellow campers with a surprising twist on a classic is my favorite way to spend the last weekend of the summer camping season. Ever have s’mores brownies? These little gems are oooey, gooey and an exciting twist on the old campfire dessert.

97. Dutch Oven Chocolate Lava Cakes

Chocolate Lava Cakes by CampingForFoodies is one of the fastest Dutch oven desserts to make because it's a simple batter and only requires 10 minutes to bake. These chocolatey brown individual servings are baked in foil cupcake wrappers making them the perfect dessert to finish a fancy meal.

Make lava cake batter with eggs, sugar, flour, melted butter and chocolate chips. Pour it into a Dutch pot lined with cupcake foil wrappers and bake for 10 minutes to make one of our favorite Dutch oven baked goods.

98. Dutch Oven Blueberry Cobbler

Easy Cast Iron Dutch Oven Blueberry Cobbler by CampingForFoodies features a camp cooking scene with a campfire blazing in the background and sitting on the ground in front of the campfire ring is a blueberry cobbler that is baked and ready to serve from a cast iron Dutch oven with text over the image that reads blueberry cobbler.

My blueberry-loving dad loved when I surprised him with this yummy dessert on his birthday camping trip! You can also change out the berries to make an awesome peach cobbler, cherry cobbler or whatever other favorite fruits you desire.

99. Dutch Oven Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This cake was the winner when all 5 family members agreed they wanted this easy dessert for their “birthday” cake on our annual birthday campout.

100. Upper Crust Apple Pie

The upper crust on this pie avoids rolling out dough. Get all of our recipes, trip tips, crafts and decorating ideas to have a wonderful time on Thanksgiving camping trips!

If you want something even easier, Boy Scout recipes are known to be really quick and simple. They have a super easy apple cobbler recipe that uses canned apple pie filling, cake mix, Sprite and a touch of cinnamon. It’s also called apple dump cake because you just “dump and bake” this easy dessert.

101. Dutch Oven Berry Cobbler Dessert

The flavor in the simple batter comes from butter, flour, sugar and vanilla. You can add a scoop of ice cream to make it extra special.

102. Caramel Nut Brownies

Start with German chocolate cake mix, add some caramels, walnuts and chocolate chips to make this delightful dessert.

103. Dutch Oven Apple Dump Cake

This is a gooey, sweet, mess that is THE EASIEST dessert you can make to satisfy your sweet tooth! You just “dump and bake” this next-to-zero prep treat.

104. Campfire Brownies

The best way to keep chocolate lovers smiling is to serve these yummy brownies with Snickers candy bars. The mix-ins are a fun way to keep campers happy and begging for more.


105. Dutch Oven Cornbread

Dutch Oven Cornbread by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron Dutch oven filled with a freshly baked recipe of golden-brown cornbread, set on the ground to cool, waiting to be served at the campsite.
Dutch Oven Cornbread by CampingForFoodies

The classic flavors in this cornbread come from cornmeal and canned cream style corn. It is a great pairing for soup, stew and chili main dishes.

106. Dutch Oven Biscuits

Our family likes making these when we’re in the mood for biscuits and sausage gravy made in a cast iron camping skillet over the fire. It’s one of our absolute favorite cowboy breakfast meals!

107. Dutch Oven Cinnamon Bread

Easy Dutch Oven Cinnamon Bread Camping Recipe by CampingForFoodies. Slices of this golden brown bread are sitting on a blue camping plate and the remaining bread is in a black camp dutch oven ready to be sliced and served.

The pecans provide a nice texture and raisins produce a moist sweet cinnamon bread in this recipe.

Whether you are making rolls, breads, biscuits, cakes or anything baked, it is best to cook with charcoal briquettes for a more consistent baking temperature.

108. Jalapeño Cornbread

Defrosted frozen corn and a jalapeño pepper are what make this simple from-scratch recipe so tasty.

109. Dutch Oven Bread

This no yeast bread requires minimal kneading. With a biscuit-like texture, we slice and serve it with a little butter on top. If there are leftovers, a spoonful of jam is the perfect partner!

If you are camping without fire during fire bans and are not allowed to cook with open flames, you can still bake in your camp oven by using a propane camp stove with a heat diffuser plate and dome. Check out our full post with a VIDEO to learn how to cook with a Dutch oven dome and heat diffuser plate on a propane stove.

Camp Chef Dutch Oven DomeCamp Chef Dutch Oven DomeCamp Chef Dutch Oven Dome


Tips For Making Outdoor Recipes

Home Dutch oven cooking is much different than cooking out in the wilderness. Beginners may find the whole endeavor a little intimidating but we have tips to help! You’ll be making great food on your next trip. And, we’re betting the best Dutch ovens will become your new best friends!

Dutch Oven Temperature Control

No matter what you are cooking … but especially when you are baking … you need to know how to control the temperature to ensure delicious meals. You’ll learn about coal placement, how to manage low and slow cook times, how to transfer high heat to the top of the lid and more.

How To Maintain Dutch Oven Temperature Control When Camp Cooking by CampingForFoodies features a black cast iron camp Dutch oven sitting on the ground with charcoal briquettes on the lid and three firewood logs on the ground protecting the sides as a block from the wind with text over the image that reads temperature control.

How To Use A Charcoal Chimney

A chimney is the best tool for quickly and efficiently lighting charcoal without lighter fluid. Never used this gadget before? No worries! Check out our VIDEO to see one in action.

Easy To Use Charcoal Chimney Starter by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron camp Dutch oven with hot charcoals on the lid sitting in front of a charcoal chimney starter at a campsite in the Sonoran Desert with Jumping Cholla, Saguaro Cactus and mountains in the background with text over the image that reads Easy To Use Charcoal Chimney Starter.

Dutch Oven Temperature Chart

The reason that the home kitchen version of this equipment has a flat lid is because you either cook on a stovetop or inside a home oven using gas or electric heat. Outdoor Dutch oven dudes use charcoal or campfire coals that are held on top by the lip around the lid.

A great thing for new cooks is to start with recipes that don’t require a specific temperature. I recommend doing a few meals like campfire chili, beef stroganoff and campfire stew before you attempt lasagna for the first time. If you are cooking with charcoal briquettes, it’s a good idea to keep our chart handy so you know how many coals are needed to maintain a particular temperature for the size of oven you are using.

Dutch Oven Temperature Chart - How Much Charcoal - Camping For Foodies com

How To Use Dutch Oven Liners

When you are baking, it is helpful to use parchment liners … they make it really easy to lift baked goods out of the oven to cool!

How To Use Dutch Oven Liners by CampingForFoodies features a cast iron camp Dutch oven lined with parchment paper and bread dough ready to be baked at the campsite with text over the image that reads how to use Dutch oven liners.

Lodge Manufacturing Parchment Paper Dutch Oven LinersLodge Manufacturing Parchment Paper Dutch Oven LinersLodge Manufacturing Parchment Paper Dutch Oven Liners


How To Slow Cook Ribs In Dutch Ovens

It is easy to slow cook ribs if you know how! I like making recipes that are slow cooked on days when I catch up on my reading and can leisurely tend to the coals throughout the day.

How To Slow Cook Ribs In Dutch Ovens by CampingForFoodies has a cast iron camp Dutch oven filled with BBQ sauce and cooking ribs with the lid being lifted off and a partial view of the ribs cooking inside the pot at the campsite, another image includes slow cooked ribs that are plated with a side of campfire corn on the cob and cole slaw with text over the image that reads how to slow cook ribs in Dutch ovens.

Dinner Camp Cooking Tip: When you are cooking your dinner meals, you may not have sufficient lighting to complete the cooking process so be sure your camping lights are strategically positioned before the sun goes down!

Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips

Get tips from the pros to make your camp oven cooking easier and more fun!

Dutch Oven Camp Cooking Tips - via Camping For Foodies .com

How To Use A Dutch Oven

Cooks who know how to properly cook with Dutch ovens, really enjoy the art of cooking with them when they are out in the wilderness! Many cast iron campfire recipes can be transitioned for cooking on propane stoves if you run out of firewood or open flame fires are prohibited during hot and dry weather conditions.

How To Use A Dutch Oven While Camping by CampingForFoodies is a closeup of two camp Dutch ovens. One is stacked on top of the other. They both have charcoal briquettes on their lids and the bottom oven has coals below it sitting on a cast iron griddle on top of green grass. Both ovens are cooking Dutch oven camping recipes that are ready to be served outside at a sunny campsite with text over the image reading how to use Dutch ovens.

Cast Iron Care

Cleaning And Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

When you are finished with your cooking, you need to do some cleanup. Get all the information you need to clean and season your cast iron cookware and maintain your gear in tip top shape!

Cleaning and seasoning cast iron Dutch ovens and cookware by CampingForFoodies features a black Dutch oven hanging from a chain on a tripod that is set up over a camp fire pit with a background of beautiful pine trees on the rim of a mountain with text over the image that reads cleaning and seasoning cast iron Dutch oven cookware.

Don’t want to deal with cleaning and seasoning a classic cast iron Dutch oven? You have other options! Learn about the differences between Stainless Steel Dutch Oven vs Cast Iron vs Aluminum.

Shopping Tips

What Size Dutch Oven Should I Buy For Camping?

Most of our recipes are made with a 12-inch classic Dutch oven but that is not the only size available. You can easily decide which size is best for you with our buying guide!

What Size Dutch Oven Should I Buy For Camping by CampingForFoodies features two sizes of cast iron camp Dutch ovens sitting on the ground in a forest covered with pine needles, rocks and ferns to show a comparison of the difference between a 10-inch and 12-inch Dutch oven with text over the image that reads what size to buy?

Best Dutch Oven For Camping

You can’t make great camp recipes without the right gear! Do you make lots of 10 inch Dutch oven recipes for two or do you make huge camping meals for large groups? Find YOUR personal best Dutch oven that is designed for the way you camp.

Best Camping Dutch Oven by CampingForFoodies

Outdoor Cooking Accessory Buying Guide

Lodge Accessories

For cooking and cleanup, you’ll love these terrific Lodge accessories! You’ll find awesome Lodge camping recipes in their cookbooks. They make really great gear for storage and transportation of your cast iron cookware. Then, after you make their delicious recipes, you can use their terrific accessories for cleaning (the cleaning brushes and pan scrapers are my personal favorites!)

Lodge Dutch Oven Accessories Are The Best Camp Cooking Gear by CampingForFoodies

Dutch Oven Accessories

The right accessories make the cooking process easier, safer and more fun. You’ll learn about which type and why gloves are a great way to protect your hands and arms while cooking around a hot fire, the best thing to use to ensure easy cleanup after making your favorite recipes, what gear will help you manage cooking in wet and windy conditions and more! And, these tools make unique gifts for your favorite camp chefs!

Coolest Camp Dutch Oven Accessories - Camping For Foodies .com

Slow Cooker To Dutch Camp Oven Conversion

If you have a favorite slow cooker meal you want to make in your cast iron camp oven at the campsite, you’ll need to make some adjustments. Check out these tips on crock pot to D. O. conversion for help turning your Grandma’s famous slow cooker meals into recipes for camping.

Make Your Favorite Easy Slow Cooker Recipes Camping With Your Dutch Oven Using A Slow Cooker Conversion Chart And Awesome CampingForFoodies Cast Iron Outdoor Cooking Dutch Ovens Recipes!

Popular Cookbooks

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a new book that’s been really popular. Sometimes you just need to stick with the classics. You can find the perfect cook books no matter how simple or complicated you want to get with your hot food menu. The Boy Scouts are used to making camping meals for a crowd and their Scout’s Cookbook includes basic recipes as well as some that may surprise you!

The Camping Dutch Oven Cookbook is filled with 5 ingredient recipes and is a best seller for people who want easy recipes.

If you use a Lodge camping oven or some other brand, you’ll enjoy The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook that has more of a gourmet camping recipe style requiring a bit more work but produces complex and interesting flavors that are worth the effort. This book contains some of the best Lodge recipes that camping cooks love to make.

Scout's Dutch Oven CookbookScout’s Dutch Oven CookbookScout's Dutch Oven CookbookThe Camp Dutch Oven Cookbook: Easy 5-Ingredient Recipes to Eat Well in the Great OutdoorsThe Camp Dutch Oven Cookbook: Easy 5-Ingredient Recipes to Eat Well in the Great OutdoorsThe Camp Dutch Oven Cookbook: Easy 5-Ingredient Recipes to Eat Well in the Great OutdoorsThe Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook: A Treasury of Timeless, Delicious RecipesThe Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook: A Treasury of Timeless, Delicious RecipesThe Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook: A Treasury of Timeless, Delicious Recipes


These books make great gifts for budding camping chefs!

More Good Camping Food Ideas

See all of our recipes and cooking methods!

If you’re looking for awesome ideas for yummy camping food, you’re in the right place! Here’s our entire camping recipes list.

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Amazingly Delicious, Easy & Yummy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes by CampingForFoodies features a camp scene in the mountains along the ridgeline with a Dutch oven hanging over a fire pit from a black tripod under a sunny sky with white fluffy clouds with text over the image that reads Dutch oven camping recipes.
Breakfast Dutch Oven Camping Recipes by CampingForFoodies features a collage of camping food prepared in a camp Dutch oven and ready to eat including Lemon Blueberry Muffins, Tomato And Avocado Frittata, Cinnamon French Toast, Mountain Man Breakfast, Blueberry Dutch Baby and Campfire Donuts with text over the image that reads breakfast Dutch oven recipes.
Dinner Dutch Oven Camping Recipes by CampingForFoodies features a of collage camping food prepared in a camp Dutch oven and ready to eat including campfire goulash, chicken enchiladas, beef stroganoff, campfire stew, Latin chicken and campfire pizza with text over the image that reads dinner Dutch oven recipes.

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